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Gen Sejusa: Why I Cancelled My Entebbe Flight

Why do the newspapers and, and more about I imagine, more about the radios and Televisions (TVs) in Uganda like to be inaccurate, viagra 60mg mendacious and speculative in their reporting? Why do you not insist on proven facts before you air or you put in print any news item?

In respect of the possible visit to Uganda by His Holiness the Pope in 2015 in order to celebrate with us the 50th anniversary of the canonization of the Uganda Martyrs in 1964, the following are the facts:

On the 26th of August, 2014, I wrote a letter to His Holiness the Pope inviting him to visit Uganda in 2015 for the reasons stated above. There had also been some earlier communications about the same issue that I would not like to go into here.

On the recent occasion when I visited His Holiness, my first point was to reiterate my invitation for him to visit Uganda in 2015 for the purpose stated above.

I also brought up other points that I would not like to go into here as well, because our meeting was private and not a public rally.

On the point of visiting Uganda, he answered that he is going to Africa next year and may include Uganda in the visit.

However, the final itinerary had not been made. As I was leaving, he said, with his characteristic humility, that I should pray for him so that he is able to visit Uganda. I said that, not only would I pray for him, but that, I would ask all Ugandans to pray for him and for the visit.

Later on, when I met Cardinal Paralin, the Secretary of State, he reflected, in his remarks, that two Popes have visited Uganda (in 1969 and 1993) before but that Uganda is the land of the martyrs.

Therefore, five things are clear:

Number one, I have, on behalf of Uganda, invited His Holiness Pope Francis to visit Uganda so as to celebrate with us the 50th canonization of the Uganda Martyrs in 1964.

Secondly, I was informed that definitely the Pope will visit Africa next year because he has already visited some other parts of the world (Asia, the Middle East, Albania, etc., etc.) but not Africa yet.

Thirdly, that, however, the detailed programme of his African visit is not yet made or concluded.

Fourthly, that Uganda may be included and His Holiness asked me to pray for him so that he visits Uganda. I am going to start praying about it and I ask all of you to pray for His Holiness to visit Uganda.

Fifthly, I pointed out to the Secretary of State that although two previous Popes have visited Uganda before, Uganda is unique by being the land of the African Martyrs and also, apparently, the point of the greatest concentration of saints; moreover, these martyrs are not regarded as mere Ugandan.

As you normally witness on the 3rd of June, Martyrs Day, Africans come from Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo DR, Malawi, Nigeria, South Sudan, Cameroon, etc. etc. The martyrs are, therefore, not merely Ugandan; they are African and International.

Therefore, dear inaccurate press of Uganda, those are the facts on the subject of His Holiness’s possible visit to Uganda next year 2015.

Yoweri K. Museveni (Gen. rtd)

Exiled fugitive General David Sejusa has finally opened his heart on the reasons why he chose to suspend his flight to Entebbe in May last year, pilule saying he feared being arrested and harmed by security services, pills Chimp Corps report

Before he fled Uganda in April 2013, Sejusa had reportedly started penetrating the elite Special Forces Command (SFC) with the view of assessing its strength in terms of military capabilities and intercepting classified communications.

Sejusa, who fought side by side with President Museveni in the NRA war that catapulted the rebel outfit to power in 1986, had also gone further to recruit war veterans and deserters to overthrow Museveni.

It is also believed that in early 2013, Sejusa hatched a plot to assassinate President Museveni.

Just a day before his planned return to Uganda from London, security arranged to arrest him.

Sejusa said in a statement during the weekend that, “Even after the terror regime had ran amok and ransacked my offices, arresting innocent officers and civilians working under me on the 5/5/2013, (many of these are still languishing in prison on tramped up charges,) I went ahead and confirmed my flight home from the UK on BA (British Airways) on the 8/5/13 for my journey home on the 9th. That night of 8th, the Museveni regime carried out a military deployment intending to arrest and harm me.”

The General who is wanted on treason charges, said, “This type of military deployment was not only cowardly but utterly scandalous to say the least.”

He also revealed some developments hitherto unknown to the media fraternity and general public.

The former spymaster said “Entebbe international airport was surrounded with combat troops. A total of 13 tanks and 19 armoured personnel carriers of UPDF were deployed (directly or in reserve role) 6 police APCs, with 3 fire brigade utility vehicles and thousands of police in riot gear lined the 36 kilometre road from Kampala to Entebbe.”

He added: “A helicopter gunship was at the runway. The other two were at Entebbe State House lawn on standby. The airport was surrounded, roads closed and road blocks mounted in 12 places along that Entebbe highway.”

Police and the army last year denied plans to arrest Gen Sejusa, saying the deployment at Entebbe was a routine anti-terrorism security exercise.

But Sejusa said in the history of Uganda, “more guns were deployed against an unarmed individual, travelling in a civilian airline (British Airways) than was deployed at the capture of Kampala, in both instances, by the Tanzanians in 1979 against Idi Amin and by NRA in 1986 against the Lutwa junta,” adding, “Such was the level of panic and reckless mode of the near failed state that it was only reasonable for me to delay my return home.”


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