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Gen Kayihura: Rwenzori Clashes are not Tribal

The Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura has ruled out any element of ethnicity in the recent incidents of bloodshed in the Rwenzori region, viagra buy Chimp Corps report.

Over 11 people have died in the districts of Kasese and Bundibugyo since the clashes broke out in the Rwenzori region in the aftermath of general elections.

This included attacks on police posts and military personnel by civilians.

Addressing journalists on Saturday afternoon, story the police boss said they have obtained intelligence with supporting evidence proving that the clashes are masterminded by some groups of people for their own benefits.

“It is not ethnic, the problem is elsewhere. The Bakonjo and Bamba have lived together for more than 300 years without any conflicts,” Kayihura told journalists.

“Our intelligence officers have information and evidence but we can’t say more on that. I can only say it is organized crime and we have indicators of the people behind but we don’t want to make public statements.”


The police boss said that the situation in the Rwenzori region is now calm without any major incidents since he rushed to the area a few days ago.

He said the main incidents were in the North West of Bundibugyo town, citing Ntotoro, Kasitu and Ngamba sub counties as being the most affected by the clashes in which people were killed and 7 attackers put out of action.

“We have reinforced the police presence in the area and as I speak the area is now calm. There were migrations from the area but this has stopped,” said the police chief.

“The best defence is being offensive and we are succeeding in this. We have reinforced the CIID in the area and arrests have been made as more are continuing.”

Gen. Kayihura however said he recently made statements which were premature but noted that they still maintain the evidence is true.

“The situation is under control. We have indicators and evidence of people behind the clashes but we do not want to make public statements.”


The police boss however denied rumours circulating in some sections of the media that he had been at the centre of an attack during his visit in the Rwenzori area.

“I was never in danger at one time and it is just an imagination. The people were instead embracing me. I drove from Bundibugyo at 2:00 am enjoying myself up to Kasese,” he said.

The police boss said that no one has threatened his life.

“Those circulating the rumours ought to apologize to me for the misinformation.”


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