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Gen Kayihura Issues Fresh Security Orders

Gen Kale Kayihura speaking at a press briefing in Kampala recently

The Inspector General of Police, doctor treatment Gen. Kale Kayihura has warned lazy police officers that this time round there won’t be taking things for granted as far as fighting crime in the country is concerned.

Addressing journalists at the police Headquarters in Naguru on Monday afternoon, price clinic Kayihura said he is always baffled when he sees many police officers deployed during the day yet few are seen at night which he said is unacceptable.

“This is going to be a bloody term for all of you and you must deliver and on this I am not mincing my words. From today, help police should increase visibility between 5pm and 9am in the morning because this is the time when most crimes are committed,” Kayihura ordered.

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The fresh instructions come amid increased crime cases as the country prepares for the festive season.

The police boss warned, “Where you have been deploying 2 officers during the day, increase the number to 3 or 4 during the night and this must work immediately. Anyone who violates it must answer for not putting rightful orders into practice.”

The IGP further noted that as part of the transformation process by the Uganda Police Force, officers will step up in their efforts to protect the citizens and to this he said all people should report any non-performing officers.

“After the murder of Kasiwuukira in Muyenga, people who used to jog in that area had stopped thinking there was it was not safe for them until we arrested some suspects. All citizens must put pressure on them, name and also shame them to measure up to the expectations because myself or Kaweesi (police operations boss) can’t be everywhere. This country must be safe and secure.”

The police boss however urged   people to take it to themselves to be vigilant as they are the first line of defence and security.

“Violent and organized crimes like terrorism, armed groups and drug trafficking are on the rise in the country and region at large. Just like you keep your home safe and secure, do the same to your country because it’s your home,” Kayihura noted.

The IGP however urged business communities in the country to join the fight against crimes by putting up booths in their areas for the police force which he said would help tighten security in their areas considering these groups are mostly targeted by criminals.


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