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FULL TEXT: Amama Mbabazi Launches Manifesto

Police in Mbarara are holding 5 people suspected to be notorious thugs that have been terrorizing residents in the town for the last 2 years.

The gang was rounded up early this week in connection to a raid on the property of one, medications http://catrinmacdonnell.co.uk/wp-admin/includes/image.php Bossa Kananura, information pills a resident of Katate, Lugazi in Mbarara Municipality.

The arrested include Moses Bahati, Kalimu Baryamureeba, Boaz Besigye, Alex Byamukama and James Matsiko – all residents of Lugazi in Mbarara.

After arresting the suspects, police went ahead with a sniffdog to search their residence and found a lot of property that had supposedly been stolen from different parts of Mbarara Town.

When asked, the suspects admitted that they had been stealing from around Mbarara Town since 2013 and selling the stolen property for survival.

The suspects with some of the allegedly stolen items and the fake gun

The suspects with some of the allegedly stolen items and the fake gun

The group was also found with a fake gun and a big hammer that they claimed they used to threaten, beat people and break into houses to steal the property late in the night.

Among the property recovered in their house were; 6 mattresses, 3 subwoofers, 14 plastic chairs, TV decoders, flat irons, blankets, flasks, and many other household items.

Mbarara OCCID, Taban Chiriga asked residents to always report suspicious characters in their area saying that most of them are thieves and criminals.

Taban said that the suspects will be taken to court and charged of theft and possession of stolen property once proved guilty. The case is registered at Mbarara police station under Ref 12/17/11/2015.
GoForward Presidential candidate and Former Prime Minister, purchase http://comerydivertirse.com/wp-includes/class-wp-simplepie-file.php John Patrick Amama Mbabazi today launched his manifesto for his bid for Presidency in next year’s General Elections.

The manifesto was launched at a colourful event held at Kampala Serena Hotel Victoria Hall.

The launch was graced by several delegations from different institutions in the country including traditional institutions, store http://curriegroup.co.nz/components/com_k2/views/item/tmpl/itemform.php business communities, illness http://cfsk.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-update-comment-endpoint.php religions, Civil Society, academia and many others.

In the manifesto, Mbabazi highlighted issues in several sectors that he promised to work on once in office.

Download Manifesto Full Text Here:  290703210-Go-Forward-Manifesto-Final-PDF

Among the many promises, he vowed to ensure;


A government that respects the rule of law in totality and shuns impunity

strong institutions of government

a zero-tolerance culture to corruption

affordable electricity for your home and business

a better healthcare system, good quality education and skills enhancement

a political culture that is tolerant of diversity of thought and opinions

For the Youth

444,160 New Jobs Will Be Created At The Sub-County Level (Public Sector)

Expanding economy and greater opportunity expected to create a minimum of 3,500,000 jobs over the next 5 years (private sector)

Community centres with recreational facilities, free internet and excellent sports facilities at every sub-county and qualified trainers

a peaceful transition of leadership from our generation to your generation

increased family income

A modern healthcare insurance scheme

Education that makes you globally competitive

Liberty to contest for all elective positions

For Teachers

A significant pay rise and improved welfare for teachers

a system of teacher career progression where teachers are promoted

Free staff houses to be constructed at school premises

A teachers’ cooperative and saving society in every sub-county will provide cheap credit for members

Restoration of the dignity of and respect for teachers

For Women

Safer childbirth and pre- and ante-natal care

affordable health insurance for all

A better healthcare package

Taking children for medical treatment will not require you to sell your produce before the harvest

Protection from sexual and physical violence

An end to child marriage

A review of special interest groups’ leadership and representation

Security of ownership of land and property

Affordable and convenient agriculture finance

Enhanced food security

A shift from being the beast of burden to having some time for leisure as a result of reduced work load

For the children:

Improved healthcare

Children with special needs will find solace in user-friendly school facilities and will be able to realize their full potential

Gradual introduction of the nursery section in government primary schools

Good quality education for all

Will have enough food and grow at desirable rates

For farmers:

the return of cooperatives

We will establish “the Uganda seed company” to guarantee availability of quality seed and other agro-inputs

Availability of quality breeding stocks

Post-harvest handling made easy with 1 silos for storage at sub-county

A warehouse receipting system

An agricultural commodities exchange

Price stability

New markets for your crop

A community bank to finance your needs

Availability of water for production

For veterans:

You will receive your pensions

Gratuity arrears for all our veterans including civilian veterans who supported our liberation struggle

Introduction of a national veterans’ day

The village community bank at the sub-county

Senior citizens:

Free health insurance for all citizens above 65 years

Everyone who retires from government service will automatically and instantaneously join the pension payroll

Guarantee that gratuities will be received within one month of retirement

A the monthly grant for senior citizens in Uganda

Business community:

A reduced rate of v.a.t from 18% to 16%

Vat exemption on commercial electricity tariff

Economic empowerment of households leading to more consumers

More opportunities

More electricity at lower prices

For artists:

Enforcement of the copyright and intellectual property rights law

Redesigned and upgraded national museum and national theatre to international standards

Sports fraternity:

All ex-international sports personalities to receive a pension

Better facilitation to our sports men and ladies on international duty

Rejuvenation of community sports facilities at sub-county level

Development of sports centres of excellence and regional stadiums

The armed forces:

Housing units will be constructed for our gallant men and women to ensure decent accommodation

Wages for our armed forces, police, prisons and the army will be enhanced

Armed forces will be properly equipped

The community:

Better community hygiene, roads, and environment through bulungi bwansi

Safer communities with you in charge

Clean environment with more trees

Peaceful co-existence of various tribes

Increased coherence among community members

Decent accommodation for all community members

Secure land ownership

People in the diaspora

Ability to vote from Uganda’s missions and embassies abroad

Equal treatment with resident nationals (no visas)

Can own freehold or Mailo land

A diaspora service division at all embassies

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