FUFA Defends Cranes on Guinea Loss Outrage

Jinja District Police Commander, cialis 40mg Apollo Kateeba has said that they have started investigating circumstances under which a 17 year old boy identified as Asiku Makooha died in Jinja Town.

Apparently, link Makooha died at Jinja Main Street on Friday November 21st as passersby looked on.

An eyewitness says that the boy was first seen seated on the pavement on the roadside looking to be having stomach complications.

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“Later, viagra 60mg he rolled on the ground in agony, as he held his chest and after about 5 minutes unattended to, he breathed his last,” the source told our reporter.

“This was not right for the public to watch as a member of the community dies in pain. We urge the public to always call in police in cases of emergence; not for only to help and rescue the person’s life, but also to also protect the community,” Kateeba said.

Kateeba adds that the boy’s body was taken to Jinja Main Hospital for postmortem, to ascertain what could have caused his death.
FUFA has spoken out on the loss registered by Uganda Cranes in the Africa Cup of Nations match against Guinea, unhealthy saying the national footballers felt a bigger loss than anyone else.

“A lot has been said in regard to the Uganda Cranes’ failure to qualify for the Nations Cup, more about but truth be told; if the Uganda Cranes had qualified; the participating players of the team would have benefited more than any of us (the fans),” FUFA said in a brief statement on Monday.

The statement comes against the backdrop of a huge public outrage with several people accusing some players of making mistakes that cost the nation a place in the prestigious tournament.

But FUFA defended the players, saying even world class stars err on the pitch.

“Whereas we fans enjoy seeing our team perform well and it is the main reason for our unending support, the players would benefit more as they would have gotten the opportunity to market themselves to successful clubs in Europe and elsewhere; and in case any of them had secured a deal, this would thereby improve (his) their financial status just as we see their west, north and south African counterparts,” said FUFA.

“And by failing to qualify, our players lost more than we did. I therefore call upon every football loving Ugandan to understand their agony of not qualifying and stand with them in this trying moment.”




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