Fr Gaetano on Age Limit: Museveni Being Misled by Greedy People  

Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda speaking to ChimpReports in an interview recently

Outspoken Kabale cleric Rev. Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda has strongly warned the executive branch of government against political maneuvers that could see the Constitution amended to scrap the presidential age limit to pave way for the reelection of President Museveni.

The current leader will clock 75 years in 2020, just one year to the next election.

Some ruling party leaders and MPs have since expressed support for the removal of the age limit, saying Museveni deserves another term in office to steer the country to greater heights.

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But critics say the move would lead to a life presidency.

In an interview with ChimpReports, Gaetano said he was among the people whom Museveni chose to represent Kigezi region in the Constitution Assembly in 1994.

“Before Museveni went to the bush he was my great friend and from the bush war he assigned me to represent the people of Kigezi region to work on the constitution,” he said

However, Batanyenda said he was disappointed with the way the president was working through proxies to amend the Constitution in his favour.

“When we finished drafting the Constitution, Museveni said he would fight any one who tampered with its provisions only for him to pay MPs to remove the term limits and is now looking forward to amend the age limit clause,” said Gaetano.

He added: “If the NRM leaders loved Museveni, they would give him good advice on such contentious issues which they can’t because they want to eat.”

Gaetano said Museveni is falling in the trap of greedy people who want to reap from his prolonged stay in power.

“I don’t hate Museveni as a person. I have supported NRM 100 percent since UPM but I hate his decisions he takes as a president,” said the opposition-leaning Kitanga Parish Priest.

He further blasted the president for creating new districts which have strained the limited budget resource.

“In newly created districts like Rubanda, Rukiga and Buhweju; you will not find new roads and schools. I once told the president that if he wants to divide districts, let him first put in place infrastructure,” he charged.

The President has in recent years expressed his reservations on creation of new districts.

Gaetano said the districts are only made for political mobilization.

“These districts they are creating are political districts because when you open a district there will be an RDC, his deputy and councilors – all for NRM,” he said.


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