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Fort Portal: Women Activists Protest Over Court Injustices

Some of the Uganda People’s Congress party Members of Parliament have made up their mind and started to join President Yoweri Museveni`s campaign trail.

On Saturday while in Baralegi State Lodge in Lira district, pills Museveni who is also the National Resistance Movement party chairman and presidential candidate opened up on the alliance talks between the ruling party and the UPC.

Museveni stated that the talks which are aimed at cooperation in the 2016 presidential elections were healthy and hoping for the better.

ChimpReports  exclusively learnt of this simmering marriage between the two parties through an UPC insider, about it a few days before Museveni made the declaration.

While addressing the media on Monday about the alliance, the UPC President Jimmy Akena confirmed that talks has been ongoing but based on his party`s core objectives of bettering Uganda.

“I can confirm that we are in talks whereby the core UPC minimum agenda that addresses key issues like health, education and agriculture will guide all engagements over the next 5 years,” Akena said.

This website has now learnt that two out of 11 UPC members of Parliament have fully made up their mind to take the alliance talks to another level by directly and openly joining the President Museveni`s campaign team.

We are also told that other members are likely to join in and support the incumbent President back to State House.

Of the two who have decided, one has already appeared on three of Museveni’s rallies and by publication time, she was in Arua town waiting to travel to the next rallies in Maracha and Koboko districts.

Hon. Ruth Acheng Ogweng, the Kole Woman Member of Parliament joined the president`s campaign team from her district on Friday at Omuge Primary School.

Acheng praised Museveni and urged all UPC supporters to vote for him according to a quote from a local radio station QFM based in Lira.

“UPC Oyee … Museveni Oyee. I’m the UPC flag bearer for the 2016 general elections. Museveni is a son of the soil; he comes from Bala, from a clan called Adok… I ask you people to vote for him. He brought a lot of development here. You see those electricity cables? It’s all him,” she said.

On Monday, Acheng appeared at Museveni`s rally in Ayivu and Arua municipality where she passed out the same message to UPC members to vote for the incumbent.

When contacted on phone on Tuesday morning, Acheng said Museveni is still a political guest in the north and she is going to traverse with him every corners of the region.

“Museveni is still our guest here in the north and I am going to be with him in the campaigns up to the end. I would also like to continue districts to other to tell our UPC members to vote for him if time allows,” Acheng revealed.

She said however, that she remains a staunch and loyal UPC member who is supporting the party candidates in all national elective positions with the exception of that the president.

Acheng observed that she likes Museveni as person and likes his style of leadership.

“I like the president not because of NRM or anything but his personality in leadership; that is why I made a personal decision to campaigning for him.”

In one of the pictures from Ayivu, UPC members were visibly showing the party`s palm sign from the predominant NRM crowd.

In a while we shall unveil the other UPC MP who has also decided to join the president`s campaign.
Aphia Musabyimana, order a widow to a police officer who was accidentally shot on duty by a colleague in Nansaana has filed a petition at the Kampala High court seeking payment of Shs 50 million as government compensation for her husband’s death.

Musabyimana’s husband Mathias Nteziryayo was the officer in-charge of CID at Bulenga Police post when his colleague David Kamugira mistook him for a robber and shot him dead in an operation that was held in Nansana on July 4, case 2013.

In her petition, viagra sale Musabyimana contends her husband’s unlawful death should be held liable to the government for failing to protect his life while on duty.

The widow who is currently surviving with 2 sons aged 5 and 3 maintains that the Shs 50 million is inclusive of her husband’s would-be salary for his remainder period of 30 years in service and burial expenses.

Court is yet to summon Attorney General who has been named as the respond.

Women activists in Fort Portal on Monday stormed the office of the Resident District Commissioner (RDC), visit web protesting injustice and corruption among the magistrates.

The women went to the RDC’s office in Boma and expressed their disappointment in the judgment by Grade I magistrate in favor of business tycoon Swizin Kyamulezire, cure who was accused of causing grievous harm and torture to his wife Stella Kemigabo.

They were carrying placards reading; “We need justice in Fort Portal courts”, “Police and court stop corruption’ among others.

Deputy RDC, Rose Monday Byabasaija addresing the media as DPC looks on

Deputy RDC, Rose Monday Byabasaija addressing the media as DPC looks on

The Deputy RDC Kabarole, Rose Monday Byabasaija, who met with the aggrieved protesters, said she was also disappointed by the ruling.

She said it was unethical to throw the case that had evidence.

She noted that cases of domestic violence were reportedly on the raise in the district.

Byabasiaja appealed to the judiciary to ensure justice prevails in the case so that they can stop other men from mistreating their wives.

Musa Tibakirana, the DPC Kabarole said that police carried out investigations into the matter and added that the state Attorney has appealed to the High court for the case to be handled.

His Worship Feizo Mbale of Fort Portal Grade 1 magistrate’s court on November 11, 2015 dismissed a case in which Kyamulesire of Mugoma of Karambi sub county Kabarole District was accused of battering and causing hurting his wife Stella Kemigabo.

On July 9, 2014 Kemigabo on returning home from her parents house, found her husband having extra marital affairs.

Following this, the couple had a fight which concluded with the wife being tied up, and acid poured on her private parts.


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