Former UWA Boss Moses Mapesa Passes On

Moses Mapesa

As the country struggles to recover from the shocking death of football star Abel Dhaira, purchase former Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Executive Director, Moses Mapesa, has passed on.

Mapesa died Easter Monday at Nabulola Medical Centre in Busia, Eastern Uganda where he was being treated for leukaemia.

Relatives told ChimpReports that the development comes just a few weeks after his return from treatment in the US.

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In February this year, Mapesa was rushed the National Institute of Health, Maryland USA where he undertook a number of tests, including treatment to get him ready for the transplant.

At the time, Mapesa was said to be in good spirits, raising hopes his disease would be cured.

The deceased had myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) which progressed into acute leukaemia thus necessitating a bone marrow transplant.

Because of bleeding in the mouth, Mapesa had to depend on strong painkillers to reduce the pain in his body starved of oxygen due to the low red blood cells.

Mapesa started working as a research assistant and rose to the helm of UWA.

He served at the top conservation organization in Uganda for about two decades until he left in 2010.

Until his health deteriorated, Mapesa was working as a private consultant and serving on the boards of local and global conservation bodies including the World Conservation Union.


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