Forcefully Retired Major Wants Army to Provide Him With Confidential Messages

Major Ronald Iduuli is suing the UPDF for forceful retirement
Major Ronald Iduuli sued the UPDF for forceful retirement

Maj Ronald Iduuli, a former defence counsel at the Makindye General Court Martial who dragged the UPDF to court for unlawful dismissal and forceful eviction, has petitioned court seeking the army to present to court restricted messages which were used in the alleged unlawful acts.

Iduuli says that once these documents are produced in court, they will help in determination of disputes contained in the main case.

The documents include among others, the Restricted message reference number DTG 251013C of July 2016, from the UPDF’s Chief of Legal Services, which ordered the chairman of the General Court Martial to have Iduuli  hand over the office of the Defence counsel.

Others are Restricted message Ref. No. DTG 251181 July 2016 from the Judge Advocate to the Chief of Legal Services, informing him that the hand over for the office of Defence counsel was effected successfully; and Message ref DTG 221930C Nov 2016 from the Chief of Personnel and Administration to all units, informing them about Iduuli’s retirement.

The applicant says this id in the interest of protecting his Constitutional Right to a fair hearing.

He also points out that the Army — which is represented by the Attorney General in this case – does not deny possession of the said documents.

Hearing of this application has been fixed for 5th October 2017 before High Court judge Margaret Oumo Oguli.

In his main application before High Court, Iduuli challenges the unlawful dismissal from the position of Defence counsel at Makindye General Court Martial and his forceful retirement from the army without following the required Procedures.


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