FDC’s Odonga Otto Wanted Invitation to Kyankwanzi

MP Odonga Otto

The Aruu County Member of Parliament, approved salve http://conceive.ca/wp-content/cache/wp-cache-1201caeb96b80bf5fe9477e85cf73611.php Samuel Odonga Otto is unhappy that for the 15 years he has been in service, sick http://davidyoho.com/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-widgets.php he has never been to the National Leadership Institute in Kyankwanzi.

While paying his last respects to former colleague, tadalafil http://decksplushouston.com/wp-admin/includes/meta-boxes.php William Wilberforce Kiwagama on the floor of Parliament on Tuesday, Otto aired out his concern that the National Resistance Movement party has personalized and made NALI a preserve for the ruling party members.

The NRM newly elected Members of Parliament recently convened at the training facility to prepare for the 10th Parliament which commences in May.

“It is sad that this country has no facility for training leaders. Countries including our neighbor Tanzania have training camps for leaders. I have been in leadership for 15 years but have never been invited to Kyankwanzi,” Otto said.

The MP stressed that he doesn’t even know how Kyankwanzi looks like and has no hope of being there soon.

“At my age now I don’t know how Kyankwanzi looks like. I just hear and read about it in the media,” he stressed.

The National Leadership School was opened a few years after independence and was based in Entebbe during late Apollo Milton Obote’s first government.

It was later moved to Mpigi district. When NRA started war in 1981, Kyankwanzi was a pivotal place in the struggle that later metamorphosed to National Leadership Institute.

The facility was under the NRM when the country was under the single system of government better known as the Movement system.

When the multiparty system returned in 2005, Kyankwanzi was placed under the Ministry of Defense until recently when it was handed over to the President’s Office.

The Members of the opposition have complained many times that the facility though run on the national budget, has been made partisan and only serving the interests of NRM not the country as a whole.


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