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‘FDC Unaware of Mugumya Rebel Activities’


Opposition Forum Democratic Change has declared ignorance to the alleged rebel activities that one of their stalwarts,  Sam Mugumya was last week netted in in neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mugumya, a famous right-hand man of Former FDC president,  Kizza Besigye is reported to have been captured by the Congolese army involved mobilizing youths into rebellion.

The UPDF spokesperson Lt. Col. Paddy Ankunda stresses that there is documented evidence which Mugumya was arrested with.

Speaking to reporters at their party headquarters in Kampala on Monday, FDC General Secretary, Hon. Alice Alaso said they knew Mugumya as their active member but not as a rebel.

“We do not know about that. How are we supposed to know if it’s the UPDF holding him in custody? Why don’t they produce him first?” wondered Alaso.

Lt. Col. Ankunda promised over the weekend that Mugumya would be extradited back into the country in the course of this week.

He went on to caution youths on social media against being lured into the Congo for jobs in mines when they are actually being swayed into rebel activities.

FDC however holds that Mugumya’s rights are being abused by the army, holding him for more than 48 hours in custody without being produced in the Courts of Law.

“We demand of the UPDF to produce Mugumya alive first, and then table the evidence they have that he is a rebel,” added Alaso.

Bearing in mind the legal implications his alleged offense carries, the party says they will be seeking help from their legal team.

According to Hon Alaso, the party lawyers will be asked to write to the army to have Mugumya “arraigned in a competent court “



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