FDC: Nandala Attacks Won’t Derail Us

Former leader of Opposition Hon Nathan Nandala Mafabi has all the liberty to publicize his grudges against his FDC president Gen Mugisha Muntu,  as long as his criticism doesn’t hurt the interests of the party.

But if he chooses to use his freedom to harm and destroy the party achievements,  the opposition party has promised to guard his right to do so, and that of every disgruntled member.

Speaking in light of Mafabi’s extensively publicized assaults on his party leadership, FDC spokesperson Mr John Kikonyogo said, his right of expression was guaranteed, even at the detriment of party’s progresses.

Mafabi has severally been quoted in the media as declaring his dissatisfaction with the Muntu- headed FDC leadership, which he accuses of being senile and dictatorial.

Nandala accused party president Muntu of usurping and suppressing the freedoms of his deemed critics and plunging the party into a financial crisis.

With the 2016 general elections around the corner, it is feared that the sprouting friction between the two leaders if unresolved, could split the biggest Opposition party down the middle, much to the advantage of the ruling NRM.

Kikonyogo noted Monday that rising to silence Nandala could even create more tension.

“We are going to guarantee each one of our members, the right of expression, even if it hurts us. We will protect that first,” he told Chimpreports.

“We must practice what we preach. We have been accusing the NRM government of gagging us. We cannot do that to our members.”

The party is heading into a national delegates conference slated from December 5 to 7, where Mr Kikonyogo hopes most of these concerns will be brought up and addressed.

“Besides, this (Nandala attack) is not bigger that most of the challenges the party has faced in the past, yet we have managed to overcome them all. The public will judge us on how we deal with this matter.”

Nandala who recently stepped down as deputy head of the party treasury says the FDC is slowly evolving into a dictatorship.

He reportedly noted, “There will be no difference with a dictatorship…The president wants to sack anybody who rises against him. You know weak leaders hide themselves in laws. We are advocating for a democratic society.”

Kikonyogo however notes that unlike other parties, FDC has luckily not been founded by one member, and therefore is unlikely to allow a single person to assume dictatorial powers in its stricture.

Unlike Uganda Federal Alliance President Betty Namisango Kamya who parted ways with FDC in 2009 under similar circumstances, Nandala has expressed his intentions to run against Muntu as party flag-bearer for the 2016 polls.

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