FDC Moves to Bring Back Besigye into Active Party Politics

Col Dr Kizza Besigye

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) have okayed amendments that could in effect see their former president Col Dr Kizza Besigye bounce back into party politics.

The new changes according to observers, generic are likely to create an opening for Dr Besigye into FDC’s Elder’s Council.

The party has been hurting that Dr Besigye, cheap who served his two constitutional terms and left the stage in 2012, story has been running his own parallel activities divergent from the official party positions and therefore overshadowing the party leadership.

Last Saturday during the party’s National Council meeting, an amendment was approved to the effect that there shall be no more election of members to the party Elders’ Council. These will instead be appointed by the party President.

In the past, people like Besigye would need to be voted into the Council, but the constitutional adjustment will help them bypass this sieve.

Amidst growing criticism of this move by some members, FDC’s spokesperson Paul Mwiru today came out to defend the change, vehemently denying that it was made purposely to favor Dr Besigye as a person.

 “The party feels that there are senior members who should continue playing a role in advising and affairs of the party,” he said.

“This amendment doesn’t allow anybody to contest but gives the president power to appoint the Elders’ Council and the president as the fountain of honor within the party must take into account the interest of party, that is, one’s seniority, religion and gender.”

He added, “Our amendment doesn’t compel the president to Appoint Dr. Besigye, he is rather free to either appoint him or not; this is not about to bring back Besigye into active party politics but bringing back party leaders including but not limited to Besigye.”

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