FDC: Burkina Crisis a Lesson for Museveni

FDC Secretary General, Alice Alaso

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change have outlined a number of key lessons that government of Uganda ought to draw from the ongoing crisis in the West African country of Burkina Faso.

FDC said Monday that Uganda had exhibited all signs of taking the Burkina trail,  especially that government continued to turn a blind to the calls for restoration of presidential term limits.

FDC Secretary General Hon Alice Alaso described at a press conference, the Burkina Faso crisis as a ‘representation of what happens when all else fails.”

Days after President Blaise Campaore was forced out of power,  mass protests have continued in the West African nation against military takeover of government.

The national army moved in last weekend to fill the vacuum left at the end of president Campaore’s 27 year reign.

The United Nations has threatened sanctions on the country if power is not immediately handed over to the civilians.

Other international bodies including EU, African Union, the US Government, ECOWAS, have issued similar demands to the military government headed by Lt Col Isaac Zida.

However, government officials have rubbished claims of a possible revolution in Uganda.

Presidential aide in charge of research and information, Morrison Rwakakamba says, “Uganda has got one of the highest concentrations of democracy in Africa.”

“Like the President said on BBC, this is not a monarchy. The most important thing we should do is to ensure power is in the hands of the people,” he added.

But Alaso said the Constitutional presidential term limits should be restored lest the country faces a Burkina-like revolt.

“When I and the likes of Hon (Gerald) Karuhanga brought to the House this term limits restoration motion, we envisaged preventing Uganda from taking to this direction of Burkina Faso,” said Hon Alaso.

But Ministry of Finance sat on it. They have refused to give us the Financial Implications to proceed with the law. They will be the first people to flee when peasants with torn trousers storm their buildings with fire. We will have done our part.”

The Serere Woman MP noted further that the Uganda Parliament had exceeded dancing to the singular tunes of president Museveni and warned that they should not be surprised if it is razed down like that of Burkina Faso.


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