FDC Bigwigs Speak on Supporting Gen Muntu for Presidency

Hon. Angelina Osege (writing) seconds Muntu in a company of LOP Winnie Kiiza

As opposition party, Forum for Democratic (FDC) seeks to elect a new president, a number of party leaders have been seen rallying behind the incumbent Gen. Mugisha Muntu.

Gen. Muntu was duly nominated on Monday flanked by a number of party bigwigs including the Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LOP), Winnie Kiiza; Soroti Woman MP, Angelina Osege; Opposition whip, Ibrahim Semujju Nganda; Paul Mwiru, the deputy spokesperson; Idi Ouma, the party national youth leader and the party elder, Amanya Mushega among others.

Kiiza told ChimpReports that she believes Muntu is the right person to steer the party forward, given the strength he has added on the party.

Winnie Kiiza

Winnie Kiiza

“All those contesting are party members, but as a human being, you will always have a side. I have chosen to rally behind Gen. Mugisha Muntu because I know he is running for the last time as party president,” Kiiza said.

“Naturally, I believe there is a block he has made; he needs to put another block before he leaves. My issue has always been that whoever comes to the leadership of FDC can be given two terms.”

On his part, FDC Deputy Spokesperson, Paul Mwiru noted that among all the candidates that are vying for the party’s top seat, Muntu has got a rare character and good administrative skills.

Paul Mwiru

Paul Mwiru

“It is about FDC. When Gen. Muntu became president, most of the people especially the press thought the party was going to collapse but he has proved that he can hold the party together,” Mwiru said.

He reasoned that as a person that cares more about the future of the party, he looks at party stability and at the management capabilities of an individual.

“Gen. Muntu has managed FDC. He has exhibited high level skills in managing internal conflicts and if it were not for him, FDC would have disintegrated by now,” Mwiru said.

“The patience Muntu has and the maturity can’t be found in any of the other leaders that are standing for the same seat, and that alone makes me support Gen. Muntu. I mind about the future of the party.”

The National Party Youth Leader, Iddi Ouma said Muntu is the only candidate that has helped to build functional party structures.

Iddi Ouma

Iddi Ouma

“Young people are supporting Gen. Muntu because for the time we have served with him, he has built a system where every institution is functional. So we think for the continuity of the party we need him around to finish what he has started; building the party and nurturing the systems he has put in place,” Ouma said.

“He is serving a second and last term. As a party which has term limits, it is important that we give him an opportunity to fulfil the structures he has started so that after his office other people will come and serve in a better system.”

Ouma added that after 2012 elections, there was turbulence in the party but Muntu managed to contain the different teams. Those who had lost elections and him (Muntu) who won and tried to bridge the gap bringing together the party, and by passing such a test of three years turbulence, we think that given a stable term of five years; he will fulfil what he promised and will leave the party more stable than were he found it.”

Ibrahim Semujju Nganda one of the campaign team leaders

Ibrahim Semujju Nganda one of the campaign team leaders


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