Family Attacks Rwimi School, Injures Teachers

Kabarole district chairman Mr. Richard Rwabuhinga

The legal battle between Amama Mbabazi and President Yoweri Museveni over the February 18 elections commences today Monday with a pre-hearing conference which will be attended by lawyers from both sides and Supreme Court officials.

The conference is normally conducted by a registrar, for sale but may be conducted by a judicial registrar or judge.

The process is normally informal with the discussions kept confidential.

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But a note from the court implied that the press will be allowed to attend the function.

In his petition, viagra approved Mbabazi alleges “the election offences by candidate Yoweri Museveni and his agents grossly undermined the electoral processes.”

The former Prime Minister said the malpractices include voter bribery, threats of violence, abusive language, arbitrary arrests of candidates and supporters of opponents as well as, forced disappearances among others.

“These were widely reported and our evidence collected so far attests to the same. All these contravene the Presidential Elections Act,” said the former NRM Secretary General last week.

Mbabazi scored 1.5 percent of the total election outcome against Museveni’s 60 percent.

The election petition is against Candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as the First Respondent and The Electoral Commission as the Second Respondent.

Museveni’s lawyers filed their defence on Sunday, denying accusations that he used in the campaigns derogatory and abusive language.

He also denied ever threatening to arrest candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye during the three months of campaigning.

The lawyers went on to term as ‘figurative speech,’ the president’s comments in December, in which he likened the actions of his opponents as “touching leopard’s anus.”
Kabarole district chairman Mr. Richard Rwabuhinga has ordered police to investigate circumstances under which a group of louts raided Nyabwina Primary School in Rwimi Town Council and beat up teachers.

The attack orchestrated by purported members of the same family left the teachers in panic and threatening to leave the school should the security fail to apprehend them.

Rwabuhinga made the directive on Friday during a tour of the school with a team comprising the RDC Mrs. Rose Mande Byabasaija, what is ed the District Education Officer Patrick Rwakaikara, story LC3 Rwimi, Abel Ngomayondi and OC Rwimi Police Station Inspector Muhwezi.

The chairman asked police to find and arrest the suspects who raided the school.

The Police inspector Muhwezi revealed that preliminary investigations showed that the gang of brothers from a family neighboring the school were hardcore criminals.

Last Monday at around 11:00am, Augustine Bwambale one of them was found in the institution premises holding a sharp machete threatening to harm the teachers and learners.

Witnesses say that when the teachers tried to get the weapon from him he fought back, cutting one of the teachers in the process.

When the rest of the family members heard the noise, they stormed the school and in the fight they inflicted serious wounds on several  of the teachers.


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