EXCLUSIVE: Ebola Outbreak Ruled Out in Gulu

A lab technician examining samples from suspected patients in recent outbreak. (Courtesy photo)

Medical tests on the sample from a suspected Ebola case from St. Mary’s Hospital Lachor have been concluded at the Uganda Virus Research Institute in Entebbe.

The Lachor Hospital administration last week put a female patient seeking for gynecological help, store in isolation ward when she started bleeding abnormally.

Samples from her body were immediately taken to Entebbe through Hub system closely under the supervision of Ministry of Health and World Health Organization, to ascertain if her problem is hemorrhagic fever since symptoms were related.

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Sources in Health Ministry have told ChimpReports that the woman was found to be suffering from thrombocytopenia, a blood clotting complication.

Thrombocytopenia is a condition where a person doesn’t have enough platelet cells in the blood that stick together to help it clot.

The results from the laboratory analysis were supposed to come out on Sunday but nothing has so far been put public.

When contacted on phone, the St. Mary’s Lachor Hospital Director, Dr. CP Opira did not give details but only said they have ruled out Ebola.

“We have realized it’s a blood clotting problem. For more information talk to the DHO (District Health Officer),” he said.

When contacted, Dr. Paul Onek, the DHO Gulu said isolating the patient didn’t mean Ebola but it was only to take precautionary measures and there is no need for panic.

“There is no Ebola for now in Gulu and no one should panic. A patient was isolated to ascertain her problem,” he said.

The female patient comes from Arua District that neighbors Democratic Republic of Congo which is currently with cases of Ebola.

Lachor Hospital handled the country’s deadliest cases of Ebola in 2000.

The disease killed over 200 of the 400 affected patients including Dr. Mathew Lukwiya who led the medical team at the facility.


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