Entebbe Women Murders: Kadaga Recalls MPs from Recess

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga addressing press at Parliament yesterday

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has recalled MPs from recess to attend to the streak of gruesome murders of women and girls in Entebbe and Nansana in Wakiso district.

The speaker yesterday directed the Minister of Security Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde to prepare a statement for Parliament on the security of the people in the affected areas.

While speaking to media at Parliament, Kadaga termed the relentless killings of innocent women as an act of cowardice.

The recent wave of murders spanning a period of three months has seen up to 28 women murdered in different parts of Wakiso in central Uganda, and preliminary police reports have pointed to ritual sacrifice.

Most of the victims were found to have been sexually abused first. The body of the latest victim identified as Jalia Nalule was found dumped in a forest reserve in Nkumba, Katabi town council

The killings have triggered fear in population , with reports that some people have started fleeing the area.

Kadaga stressed the need for urgent intervention to stop the killings, saying that the prevailing insecurity situation could instill fear in women, forcing them off work.

“We urge government to expeditiously investigate and ensure prosecution of these people; but most importantly ensure that the people of Entebbe and other areas are free to go on with their lives without fear that once they leave their houses, they might be attacked,” Kadaga said.

The chairperson Human Rights Committee of Parliament Jovah Kamateeka also condemned the killings and appealed to security organs to stop the murders.

Hon Kamateeka also appealed to government to fast-track the election of LCs to ensure legally recognized local leadership.


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