Egypt Commits to Bettering Uganda’s Beef Production

Minister Oryem Okello pauses for a photo with Egyptian Ambassador to Uganda H.E. Ahmed Abdalaziz Mostafa

The Egyptian Ambassador to Uganda H.E. Ahmed Abdalaziz Mustafa yesterday expressed delight with the new abattoir set up by an Egyptian company in Kampala, view that has an 800 animals per day capacity.

Mustafa said the facility that is nearing completion is more advanced than any other abattoirs found in Egypt.

The Ambassador made the observation while meeting with Hon. Oryem Okello, purchase the Minister of State of Foreign Affairs in charge of International Affairs, in his office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mustafa revealed that Ugandans will be taught how to look after animals for slaughter.

Located about 32 km north of Kampala, the new abattoir will process and package meat, mainly beef, for both local and export markets. The modern facility also has coolers, skinning equipment and a processing plant.

Hon. Oryem Okello assured his guest that there is abundant potential market for the beef in the region. He revealed that in DRC a kilo of fresh beef goes for around 18 dollars. He thanked the Egyptians for the good work.

The Minister expressed his sympathies to the people of Egypt about the hijacked flight on Tuesday. The Ambassador clarified that this was an internal flight flying from Alexandria to Cairo.

The Ambassador revealed that his President will attend the inauguration of the new government in Kampala in May this year.



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