Dr Mawanda Successfully Cured of Ebola

Ebola virus has in the last few months ravaged west African countries

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Michael Mawanda, health the Ugandan doctor admitted in Germany for specialized treatment after contracting Ebola in Sierra Leone in October, website like this is no longer infected with the disease, medicine Chimp Corps report.

Dr Mawanda, a paediatrician with an Italian NGO, was on October 3 flown in a chartered plane from Lungi Airport in Sierra Leone to Germany after falling ill.

At the time, Ugandan officials said they had received information about Mawanda’s health status but that he was not among doctors dispatched by government to reinforce West Africa’s efforts in the battle against Ebola.

For more than four weeks, the Ebola patient was being treated at the University Hospital Frankfurt.

The hospital said in a statement seen by this website on Thursday that, “In the meantime he was ill and suffered from a critical multi-organ failure” and that, “Therefore, he needed intensive medical therapy including organ replacement procedures.”

The medical facility further said using these methods; it has managed to “bridge the time until the onset of proprietary antibody production.”

Currently, the statement reads, “the patient is awake, can autonomously move around the hospital room, eat normally and has no pain.”

However, Mawanda “will still need some time to fully recover from his very serious illness. It is planned that the patient remains on the isolation ward.”

“My thanks and deep respect goes to the physicians and nurses who not only saved a man who risked his life to help others. They have also shown that the Frankfurt University Hospital provides cutting-edge medicine at the highest level and Hesse is very well prepared for the treatment of Ebola patients, ” said Stefan Grüttner, a health official.

Prof. J. Schölmerich, Medical Director and Chief Executive Officer of the University Hospital Frankfurt, said, the healing was possible because of the “tireless efforts of our volunteers and medical staff who have all worked under high physical stress.”

Health experts say the recovery of the patient is exciting because it helps to validate the concept of removing viruses from the blood, versus, or in addition to, attempting to treat infections with anti-viral medications.

Mawanda becomes the second Ebola patient to be treated at the time of his check-in at the medical facility.

The third patient who was a Sudanese doctor admitted in Leipzig, died in mid-October.

Ebola has killed over 4,000 people in West Africa. Several cases have since been confirmed in Mali.


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