DP’s Mao Advises Government on Rwenzori Crisis

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) president, more about Norbert Mao has accused government of fueling the unrest in the Rwenzori region which has left about 30 people killed and several injured in the past couple of weeks.

This was during the party’s weekly press conference on Tuesday at City House in Kampala, side effects where Mao observed that the struggle in Kasese was an indication of lack of democracy in the country.

The DP said he came to the conclusion after holding talks with his party leaders and residents of Kasese about the unfortunate occurrences.

Mao accused government of focusing not on the causes of the standoff in the region but on how to stop it.

“The struggle in Rwenzori is characterized by three major causes; the land question, the political leadership in the area and at national level and lack of discipline and understanding of the Obusinga Kingdom affairs,” Mao remarked.

“The Land act in the country has not been effectively put to use to resolve land wrangles in the area. In the Rwenzori region, the struggles between the Basongora cattle keepers and cultivators have since remained a big challenge.”

Mao observed that the Bayira in the region are currently feeling less of Ugandans and Congolese which explains their need to create an independent Yiira State so that they can feel politically secure.

“This is dangerous in that most of these people are war veterans some of which are still armed; these people have for a moment relied on Col. Kizza Besigye to cause change which has been suffocated.”

“The timing of violence shows how people are tired of imposing leaders on them. NRM has imposed leaders on the people of the Rwenzori region who genuinely voted in the opposition.”

Mao accused the Minister of Defense, Crispus Kiyonga of fermenting the anti- Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu fight hence fueling instability in the region.

He recommended an independent Judicial Commission of inquiry to investigate the real causes of the instability in the region so that they can be dealt with amicably.


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