DP Supports Brig Kasirye Ggwanga’s Strategy on Land grabbers

Brigadier Kasirye Ggwanga

The Democratic Party on Tuesday supported Brig Kasirye Ggwanga’s approach on land grabbers.

It was reported last Saturday that Brig. Ggwanga set ablaze a tractor that was being used to grade a piece of land which Ggwanga says belongs to his daughter.

The land is in Lubowa, Wakiso District.

The DP Press Secretary, Fred Mwesiga, told journalists in Kampala that there were worse scenarios to come since the government has failed to resolve the land issues.

“People have resolved to find all possible ways of protecting their land. Some are stripping naked like we are seeing in the north, others like Brig Kasirye have chosen to burn the tractor as a means of protection since they are victims,” he said.

Mwesiga asserted that by the time a senior military man resorts to taking the law into his hands, it simply means he had run out of all possible options.

“Contactors should be extra careful not to be caught up in the middle when it comes to land issues, because Ugandans are irritated and they may resort to acting violent towards them,” Mwesiga said.

“Let Brig Kasirye’s action be a lesson to the land grabbers in the whole country and a wake-up call to the government to find the quickest and best solutions to stop land grabbing”.

The secretary also revealed that acts of land grabbing are usually done by powerful army men, government officials, people who claim to be investors and real estate business people since they have the capacity to fight back.



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