DP Opens War on ‘NRM’s Term Extension Ploy’

A wide rift is developing between Kasese Woman Member of Parliament Hon Winnie Kiiza, information pills and Inspector General of Police Gen Edward Kale Kayihura.

Despite calling her “my good friend Winnie, erectile ” the ties between the two have been gravely dented by the recent recurrence of insecurity in the Rwenzori region in which more than six people lost their lives in what was reported to be post-election conflict.

In the heat of the brawl where police shot dead residents of Kasese and Kabarole districts, thumb whom it linked to an anti-government militia group associated with the traditional institution (Obusinga); Hon Kiiza came out and placed the entire blame on the IGP.

Kiiza reportedly accused the IGP of fanning the conflict by pitting the two rival tribal groups; the Basongora and Bankonjo, which she said was route cause of the recurrent bloodshed in the western region.

The ethnic divisions between the two communities range from land wrangles, to major disagreements on their traditional leadership. The MP claims that the Kayihura has been siding with the Basongora against the Bakonjo and the leadership of King Charles Wisely Mumbere.

Gen Kayihura when accosted with these accusations last weekend while visiting the region, he reacted angrily and vowed to the drag the legislator before courts of law.

“I am grateful that you gave me this information,” he told reporters at a press conference in Kasese town. “This is very useful; I might now have to sue Hon Kiiza for defamation.”

The General questioned the basis of the accusations, when in fact he, in his various police transfers and promotions appeared to favor Bakonjo police officers.

“How can someone accuse me of sowing seeds of ethnicity? I hardly come here. I am not an RDC or a CAO. I come when there is a problem,” fumed the IGP, terming the accusations as ridiculous.

“These politicians might be looking for scapegoats to divert attention, but they are making reckless distortions of facts. This intimidation must stop.” The IGP vowed to meeting with Hon Kiiza thereafter.

However, the Member of Parliament has stood her ground, maintaining that Gen Kayihura is not blameless in the Rwenzori conflict.

Today while appearing of the floor of Parliament, Mrs Kiiza accused the IGP of “lying to the nation,” by daubing the Kasese attackers as part of a rebel group.

She stated that the shootings last week were a result of mismanagement of the area elections and misuse of firearms by the armed forces.

“The IGP has misrepresented the situation in Kasese saying it was a militia yet it was purely Police shooting,” she told parliament. “The IGP needs to apologize for misleading Ugandans and painting the King as a person who is against the Government.”

She went on to accuse the police boss of refusing to meet with the local leadership of Kasese during visit last week and only meeting with “those who lost the election.”

On the request of Hon Kiiza, the Speaker of Parliament Hon Rebecca Kadaga instructed the Ministry of Internal Affairs to prepare a presentation before the floor on the situation in Kasese.
Opposition Democratic Party (DP) has expressed readiness to fail the alleged proposal by the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) to increase the terms of office of both the President and Members of Parliament 5 to 7 years.

Rumors emerged yesterday that one of the motions tabled at the NRM MP retreat at the National Leadership Institute (NALI) in Kyankwanzi was to amend the constitution to this effect.

The DP President Norbert Mao told the media during the party’s weekly press briefing on Tuesday in Kampala that this move had the backing of President Yoweri Museveni, about it who will be hitting the age limit during presidential the term handed to him last month.”

“We have learnt that in Kyankwanzi, viagra Museveni wants to increase his term of office from 5 to 7 years; this seems to be a cleaver way of covering up what we perceive to be his fear of the age limit,” Mao said.

“There is nothing you can do about age, actually all of us grow. The only thing that goes forward constantly is your age; on Saturday I also turned 49 and there is no way I can pretend that am getting younger.”

He added, “This Kyankwanzi resolution is intended to keep Museveni in power beyond the age of 75 without elections.”

“We wish to announce here that as a party, we are going to fight this tooth and nail; this is a war against Museveni’s intentions and his psychopaths.”

However, the NRM deputy spokesperson Ofwono Opondo said in a tweet on Monday evening that members did not pass or table any such resolution and that the said topic was not even part of their agenda.


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