Election 2016

Detectives Denied Access to Mbabazi Lawyer’s Premises

Police detectives were on Wednesday afternoon denied access to the premises of the lead counsel in Mbabazi’s electoral petition, sickness http://cidem.ec/components/com_newsfeeds/views/categories/tmpl/default.php Muhammad Mbabazi .

A team of over five detectives who arrived at the office along Buganda road in Kampaal to ascertain what had taken place were not allowed to get into the offices as they were asked to stay away by one of the partners to Mbabazi.

“If you failed to secure us and the property at night, http://courtneybarnett.com.au/wp-admin/includes/options.php then what else do you want to offer to us?”asked an unidentified female partner to Muhammad Mbabazi.

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He asked them to try their services elsewhere.

Thugs smashed the door to access the lawyer's office

Thugs smashed the door to access the lawyer’s office

The detectives tried to plead so they could be left to do their job but all fell on deaf ears.

They were later seen exiting the place.

Two computers and a laptop were among property stolen.

Mbabazi has since ruled out taking the matter to policedue to lack of trust in the institution.

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