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Desh the Surprise Package as NRC Rally Year Ends

The government of South Sudan says it has in detention 76 people suspected to be elements of the dreadful Somalia based terrorist group Al-Shabaab.

The announcement was made after a weekly Council of Ministers’ meeting on Friday by the Cabinet Affairs minister, mind Mr. Martin Elia who said the suspects were arrested from two different positions in the country and are being held by security as investigation into their unknown intentions kick off.

The intelligence branch of the SPLA, National Security officers arrested 36 of the alleged suspects from the capital Juba where UPDF solders this afternoon set sail back to Uganda after a 21 months successful foreign mission.

The other 40 suspects were allegedly apprehended from Northern Bar-el-Ghazel trying to forge their way to the neighboring Republic of Sudan.

“Our able officers of the National Security have arrested 76 Al-Shabaab suspects from Juba and others from the Northern Bar-el-Ghazel who were looking for ways to enter into our northern neighbor (Sudan). They were all taken to safe security detention centers awaiting investigation,” Mr. Alia told journalists in Juba.

The minister also mentioned that the suspects are of Somali and Kenyan-Somali origin.

The UPDF, which has been at the forefront of eliminating the Somali terror group, was yet to make a statement about the development.

It remains unclear if the arrest is connected with the brutal murder of a South Sudanese national who was beheaded in Libya by the Middle East militants ISIS.

Kuol Deng hailing from Warrap State was beheaded on Sunday last week in the Libyan eastern city of Benghazi where scores of Ethiopian Christians and Egyptian Coptic Christians were similarly butchered by the same group.

The black masked ISIS swordsman who beheaded Kuol made a rehearsed statement saying the victim was paying for the “crimes” being committed by his government against the Muslims in the world’s youngest nation.

The Cabinet Affairs minister during the Friday briefing however did not talk about this incident, the first of its kind in the country’s history.

Over 30 rally drivers took part in the seventh and last edition of the National rally championship held in Jinja over the weekend.

Arthur Blick had already summed up the title coming into this championship after claiming the previous race in Fort Portal. However that didnt deter the drivers from competiting.

Ronald Ssebuguzi, no rx Jas Mangat and Desh Kananura each won two sections of the 165.26 Kms.

Mangat eventually outsmarted the rest finishing the race after 1hour 35minutes and 40secs, unhealthy just two minutes and 33 seconds ahead of second placed Ronald Ssebuguzi.

Desh Surprise:
Desh Kananura surprised the drivers in his new Evo X super machine finishing third after 1 hour 39 minutes and 15 seconds.

“Congratulations to Jas (Mangat) for winning the season finale, Sebuguzi for 2nd and to me for 3rd. It was a very challenging rally wet and wild. Sitting in an evo for the first time in my life this is my remark! its a super super car for we who are in the sport to have fun it is a very forgiving car,” Desh Posted.

Results for the 18 drivers who completed the race
1.Jas Mangat 1:35:40
2.Ronald Sebuguzi 1:38:13
3.Desh Kananura 1:39:15
4.Musa Kabega 1:47:27
5.Godfrey Lubega 1:53:12
6.Ambrose Byona 1:56:47
7.John Burrows 2:03:53
8.Dr Ashraf 2:05:12
9.Ismail Ortega 2:06:34
10.Moses Anikwa 2:09:58
11.Edson Mungyereza 2:10:34
12.Rogers Kigundu 2:13:55
13.Musa Mulimira 2:30:42
14.Sadat Negomba 2:36:47
15.Ismail Lule 2:39:58
16.Abdul Katete 2:40:40
17.Salim Kyabagadah 2:47:19
18.Godfrey Kayizi 2:55:10


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