Defence Want Kamoga Cautioned and Freed; State Ask for Death Sentence  

Sheik Yunus Kamoga in court yesterday

Sheikh Yunus Kamoga’s lawyers yesterday asked court to give him a lenient sentence on grounds that he and other convicts have never been convicted before of any criminal offence.

Kamoga and 5 others were yesterday evening found guilty by High Court’s International Crimes Division Court, of Terrorism.

The lawyers led by Fred Muwema, in their submission pointed out that their clients were convicted only on circumstantial evidence yet on the other hand, they were acquitted of serious offences like murder and attempted murder after the prosecution failed to produce in court direct evidence pinning them on the acts.

“We pray for a lenient sentence for the convicts, if possible a caution because these have spent more than 2 years on remand, and during that period their businesses as well as the people they look after have been greatly affected,” submitted Muwema

Muwema added that the offences upon which the six were convicted were not serious as alleged, considering that many people were mentioned as victims but only a handful turned up to testify in court.

Principle senior state Attorney Rachael Bikhole on the other hand, asked the judges to grant the convicts the maximum death sentence, saying that their crimes led to the death of innocents.

She added that the convicts misused their role as leaders to unite fellow Muslims.

The three court judges are expected today at 22nd August at 2.30pm to deliver the sentences to the convicts.

The court, acquitted all the accused persons from the counts of murdering both Sheikh Hassan Kirya and Sheikh Mustapha Bahiga after all prosecution witnesses failed to place any of them at the scenes of crime.

On the terrorism count 8 people were acquitted whereas 6 including Sheikh Yunus Kamoga were convicted after the prosecution proved almost all grounds required by law

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