David Beckham Family in Car Crash

Police are hunting for 3 suspected thieves who on Friday were involved in the robbery of office equipment of Medical research center in Masaka town.

Computers, cialis 40mg adiposity scanners, sick printers, health cameras and Shs. Shs40m were looted by the thugs.

The three suspects were guards at the office and are attached to Ultimate private security company.

They have been identified as; Charles Satia, Christopher Kule and Godfrey Mulinde.

They are currently on the run but police together with the head of security in the private company are working hand in hand to net them.

“The robbery was reported, but their head of security has provided us details about them which may help in investigations; we hope to get them on charges of robbery,” said Polly Namaye the deputy police spokesperson.
Former England captain was involved in a car crash after picking his son up from training at Arsenal, more about according to reports

David Beckham and his teenage son Brooklyn escaped badly shaken from a car crash on Saturday in which they were spared serious injury by the deployment of the car’s airbags.

Beckham, 39, the former England captain, was picking up his 15-year-old son when his Audi was involved in a collision outside Arsenal’s training ground in Hertfordshire.

A source close to Beckham said: “They were shaken. It was quite a heavy prang at quite a speed but everybody walked away uninjured. Everybody’s fine. Thankfully the car’s airbags deployed.”

Brooklyn, who plays for Arsenal under-16s, had just finished a match against Brighton’s under-16s.

Thomas Cadman, who plays for Brighton under-16s, said on Twitter: “Weird to play against Brooklyn Beckham earlier. Even weirder to be currently stuck behind David Beckham as he has crashed his car.”

Archie Davies, a team-mate, said: “Just seen David Beckham looks like he got in a car crash and hurt his shoulder. Star struck by seeing David Beckham tbh.’

Brooklyn was signed by Arsenal on a short-term contract in November. His brother, Romeo, 12, and Cruz, nine, have also been playing for the club’s underage teams.

Source: The Telepgraph


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