Court Martial Acquits 2 Officers on Failure to Protect War Materials

Capt Mwanga being congratulated by his mother after the acquitall

The Makindye General Court Martial has asked six of General David Sejusa’s former aides to prepare their defense after establishing that they have a case to answer.

The six are Lance Corporal Nasasira Grace, tadalafil Lance Corporal Karuhanga charged with treachery and Private Ninsiima Frank, information pills Nayebare James, find Nuwagaba Moses and Twinamatsiko Abel who are charged with aiding and abetting to treachery.

Court martial Chairman Maj Gen Elly Karuhanga ruled that prosecution proved to a reasonable degree that the accused persons contrived a plan to overthrow the government of Uganda by force but concisely rejected to report the plan to concerned Authorities.

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This was in spite of defense counsel David Mushabe’s relentless efforts to punch holes in the testimony of some of the prosecution witnesses to render it incredible.

The counsel for instance questioned how any human being with intent of holding a meeting planning to overthrow the government, would hold it a place near central police station like prosecution claimed.

He went on to scrape up evidence that some of the prosecution witnesses were former criminals, and that they were coached to say what they said in court.

The GCM Chairman ruled however, that submission by the defense counsel could not in any way lead to discrediting of the evidence testified by the state witnesses.

The accused appeared dejected by the court’s ruling while some of their family members broke down in court.

Through their lawyer David Mushabe, they informed court that they were not satisfied with this ruling and promised file an appeal against it.

Court set the 28th of November as the date for submitting their appeal.
Makindye General Court martial has acquitted two UPDF officers Captain Mwanga Kapsandui and Lt David Eloku Ewago on the offences of failure to protect war materials

Prosecution alleges that between February and March 2014 while at Kilometer 50 in Mogadishu-Somalia where Captain Mwanga was serving as a Battalion commander Air Defense component and Lt Eloku a platoon commander under 3rd infantry Battalion, sildenafil the duo conspired and misused 1000 rounds of ammunition from the armory.

The General court martial chaired by Maj Gen Levi Karuahanga ruled that prosecution failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt as required by the law that the accused committed the offences.

Prosecution witness Private Mukasa testified that the two accused persons approached him and instructed him to take 1000 bullets to Lt Ewago’s residence but when he delivered them the recipient refused to sign as required by the law of armory, recipe promising to sign later which he didn’t.

The Court chairman however ruled that there was no documented evidence that the Lt Ewagu received the ammunition at his residence since the witness informed court that he did not have a book of record for ammunition issued, since he never inherited one.

Another prosecution witness Lt Jimmy Tumusiime testified that Capt Mwanga called him and offered to send him money not to proceed with the case which he later fulfilled by sending him Airtime worth $100 through money transfer on a phone belonging to a Somali identified as Nema.

He informed court that he made a recording about this transaction but he never exhibited it in court

The state further failed to bring evidence from a Somali national Nulu whom the alleged ammunition was sold to, neither her statement to prove that there was failure to protect war materials.

After the court’s judgment the two officers together with their family members were seen overwhelmed by joy.



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