Council Blocks Man’s Burial Over Land Dispute

Kisoro Township

2, drugs sale 896 UPDF troops who have been serving under AMISOM for the last 12 months have registered for National Identity (ID) Cards.

This took place on Tuesday at Peace Support Operations Training Centre in Nakaseke District.

The soldiers who had missed mass enrolment exercise that ended in August 2014 because they were away in Somalia are using their passports and UPDF Identity cards as Identification documents for the registration.

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The Chief of Defence Forces, buy Gen Katumba Wamala who was present at the registration point revealed that by January 2015 all Ugandan contingent soldiers in Somalia shall have registered for National ID before the Continuous registration exercise ends.

“All troops of the two Battle groups that deployed in June and October registered before they left for Somalia. The 2, 896 who have just returned are all registering here before they proceed home for a one month leave,” Gen Katumba said.

He noted that one battle group in Somalia has not yet registered for the ID cards. “These will however return in January just in time to register under a similar arrangement like this before this phase of the exercise ends. That means all our troops in Somalia will have registered,” he said.

Uganda has over 6,200 troops in Somalia and out of those about 4,800 have already registered for the National ID cards.

Gen Wamala urged the returning soldiers to encourage members of their families who have not yet registered to do so now.

“While you were away, there could be a likelihood that a few of your family members did not register because of lack of your guidance as family heads. Take keen interest in such categories and ensure they register now,” Gen Wamala told the returning troops of Uganda Battle group XII.

He further revealed that all the soldiers who have been in Uganda together with most of their family members have registered for the National ID cards.

Gen Wamala added: “These are an organized and generally informed group that was easy to mobilize for registration. The only seeming challenge we are faced with is registering the troops Central African Republic and South Sudan.”

He said: “This is a very important exercise that we cannot afford to miss out on. We are working out modalities with Ministry of Internal Affairs to ensure this category register by January 2015 and we are positive it will be a success.”

Gen Wamala added that the Army leadership did not pronounce the exercise as compulsory but rather enlightened the soldiers on the benefits of the National ID and which is responsible for the positive turn up by the troops without any coercion.

Brig Dick Olum who has been the Contingent Commander of the troops observed that the success of registration for National ID heavily depends on the involvement of leaders at all levels.

“I had to take the lead in registering to show my troops how important this exercise is. Besides, when they acquire the ID cards my work will be made easier and so will it be the case for all other leaders at all levels in the country.” Brig Olum said.

He noted that every Ugandan should consider registration for National ID as exercising of their rights

Brig Olum said those who are reluctant to register are violating their own rights. He observed that such will unfortunately miss out on their right to belong or Identification and consequently cut off themselves from many other rights like right to medical care and the right to vote.

“People in some countries wish they could also vote but it is unfortunate that they don’t have such a right. Why should someone in Uganda therefore throw away such an opportunity to exercise his/her right to vote by not registering now for the National ID?,” he noted.

Registration for National ID cards that started with Mass enrolment exercise at all parishes countrywide in April 2014 was shifted to sub-county level in August 2014 under continuous registration exercise.

Continuous registration will close on February 27, 2015 and those who will have not registered by then will have to wait until after the General Elections, that is June 2016. Total enrolment for National ID cards as at October 19, 2014 was 15,611,000 out of the estimated 18,000,000.

National ID cards will not only help Government Identify citizens and plan for the country but also enable in provision of a wide range of services like education, health, pensions contribution, welfare benefits, and immigrations and passport control. It will facilitate improvement in services in areas of insurance, law enforcement, financial transactions, electoral purposes, tax administration among others.
Residents of Bigina village, there south ward in Kisoro town council are stranded with a body of a 75 – year old man, drug whose burial has been blocked by Kisoro Town Council.

Yeremiya Ntamagezo died on Monday in a house where he has been living alone looking after land that belonged to Christine Zungu who resides outside Kisoro district.

Upon his death, residents consulted the landlady inquiring on whether to bury the deceased on the land which the landlady accepted, but were later shocked on Wednesday afternoon while in the final burial preparations when Kisoro Town Council deployed police officers to intercept the ceremony on grounds that the land was in dispute.

The Council claims ownership of the land and that it is still subjected to litigation in High Court Mbarara.

Residents told our reporter that in 2013 Christine won the case over the land but Kisoro Town Council appealed to High court pending court declaration over who is the rightful owner.

It was a scene of drama when residents turned chaotic accusing Kisoro Town Council of mistreating the locals in the area although authorities revealed that the law must be followed.

By press time, two graves had been dug, one at the land in dispute and the other at the government cemetery, but the deceased was yet to be buried.

[Namanya Bob] 


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