Corrupt Public Servants to Face Sanctions, Warns Muhakanizi

The ceaseless showers in the south western district of Kisoro today compelled FDC Presidential candidate Col Kizza Besigye to dump his Land Cruiser and walk to his campaign rally.

The afternoon showers made the marrum roads in the hilly district rather impassable, buy information pills pushing Besigye to do what he does best – walking.

His campaign team, more about of course would not forget to blame the bad roads on the regime he intends to overthrow in the coming elections.

Col Besigye, <a href=

ambulance President Muntu and Chairman Wasswa Biriggwa walking the rally in Kisoro” width=”650″ height=”428″ /> Col Besigye, President Muntu and Chairman Wasswa Biriggwa walking the rally in Kisoro

Besigye had earlier addressed supporters at Rubuguri in Kisoro district.

When the rains intensified, he together with party president Gen Mugisha Muntu, Chairman Wasswa Birigwa and other party officials pulled out the gum boots and walked toward the Mayor’s Garden in Kisoro town where he is holding his second rally.

The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Finance Mr. Keith Muhakanizi has threatened to sanction public servants who fail to account for funds allocated to them and subsequently hampering service delivery.

Muhakanizi warned that internal audits will be conducted on all Ministries, more about Departments and Agencies on a monthly basis to detect wasteful expenditure, unspent funds and accumulation of arrears.

He was presenting the state of public service delivery in Uganda during the National Budget Conference held at Kampala Serena Hotel on Wednesday.

“Accounting Officers always surprise me when I ask them to explain unaccounted funds saying they just discovered. I will not appoint any Accounting Officer who has been found misreporting expenditures or accumulating arrears,” he said.

The newly enacted Public Finance Management Act, he said, has a results-based approach focusing on achievement outcomes rather than just outputs.

“In 2016/17 financial year, MDAs will therefore be allocated funds basing on their performance”

Among the cross cutting bottlenecks existing in the education and health sectors, Muhakanizi highlighted staff absenteeism and staffing gaps for both teachers and medical personnel.

He admitted that much as access to these services has increased over the years, the quality of output is still poor.

“When we were still in primary school, out teachers were often mocked for possessing mere teaching licenses but the quality of education we got was far better than today’s. This is majorly because there’s no supervision on the part of government,” said Muhakanizi.

In regard to the agricultural sector, he criticized the NAADs as a ‘failed’ program which had no significant impact on farmers’ adoption to improved technology.

He said; “The share of households who benefit from NAADS remains low and is declining. Inputs were mostly accessed by the rich, which suggests poor supervision and monitoring”



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