Col Kareba Widow’s Moving Eulogy

Police in Mpigi yesterday November 10th arrested two prime suspects in the murder of Paul Simiti, store site a deceased boda boda cyclist and resident of Bunjaako village in Mpigi District.

The suspects have been identified as Ronald Isingwire and Pasifiki Twigyirimana.

Apparently, see the two hired the deceased on Thursday November 6th to take them to Buwama Town but since then, Simiti went missing until his body was discovered in a bush just ahead of Mpambire village, yesterday.

“Our sniffer dog led us close to where our detectives netted the suspects who we found trying to sell the deceased’s motorcycle,” said Equator Region Police Spokesperson, Phillip Mukasa.

He added that the deceased’s body had cuts on the head and in the throat and a knife was recovered as an exhibit.

They are currently being detained at Mpigi Police Station, and will be charged with murder if found guilty.
The family of fallen former UPDF pensions and gratuity boss, help Col Albert Kareba, advice has described the deceased as the “epitome of the great human spirit” – one year after his departure.

Kareba, approved who earned overwhelming respect from all circles in the army for his honesty, hard work and humility, passed on at a hospital in Washington, United States after losing a battle with cancer.

His widow, Rose Katabarwa-Kareba eulogised his late husband on Tuesday: “Exactly one year ago today on the 11th of November we sat in your hospital room and watched you peacefully slip away. While the doctors concluded that you didn’t have much time left, against all odds, you fought in good spirit and with good cheer for another 2 years.”

RIP: Col Kareba

RIP: Col Kareba

She added: “This was the great spirit that you were, conquering all in spite of adversity, pushing through in spite of pain, hoping and believing in spite of the darkness around you and yet all the while smiling and laughing to reassure all those around you that all is well, despite the obvious cost to yourself.”

“You were truly the epitome of the great human spirit. You were truly an evolved soul. Loving father, husband and friend. For all those who have lost their battle with Cancer.”

Born in Ntungamo in the 1950s, Kareba joined Uganda National Liberation Army (UNLA) in 1979 soon after the fall of President Idi Amin before training at Tanzania’s famous military college – Munduli.

He would later join the NRA rebels in 1985 before the group seized power a year later.

Kareba served as a director at Kimaka before being transferred to the army general headquarters in Bombo.


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