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Centenary Fete: Kayihura Defends Police Record

Forum for Democratic Change has unleashed a scathing offensive against fellow opposition Democratic Party, and asking them to cease blaming their failures on other parties.

The Najjanankumbi-based opposition party stressed Monday that DP had gone overboard by apportioning blame on other parties for their internal problems.

FDC spokesperson Mr John Kikonyogo told press today that by accusing their former president Col Kiiza Besigye of overshadowing other opposition parties, discount DP was slowly losing focus.

He also stressed that Col Besigye’s purported alliance with Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago in the 4GC, A4C and Suubi, which DP insists has been majorly destructive to their party’s cohesion, had no bearing on FDC as a party.

“I can authoritatively state that FDC’s headquarters are in Najjanankumbi and not on Katonga road, (Where 4GC offices we located). What takes place there does not represent FDC,” said Kikonyogo.

Democratic Party president Norbert Mao has severally accused FDC and Besigye of creating confusion within DP by ‘misleading’ some of its leaders.

The mildly publicized standoff between the two biggest opposition parties dates back in the 2011 general elections build up, in which DP’s Lukwago defied his party’s stance and joined Suubi – a Buganda political pressure group.

Mao also rejected a proposed Inter-party Coalition at the request of Dr Besigye and largely criticized his subsequent A4C and 4GC pressure groups and Walk-to-Work campaign as destructive and ineffective.

He would later accuse 4GC of fueling misunderstandings inside DP’s youth wing Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) by funding some of its chaotic leaders.

Mr Kikonyogo said that a party without capacity to deal with its own internal wrangles has no reason to exist, let alone vying for national leadership.

“Each political party has its own internal wrangles. We have many of them here. But we deal with them amicably and silently, and don’t blame them on outsiders.”

Instead of attacking FDC, Kikonyogo said, Mao and DP should be focusing on attracting more people to join their party, for that remains their primary cause.

“As opposition parties, our common goal should be to oust this government and provide a better alternative. We should be looking for things that unite us and not those that spilt us down the middle,” added the spokesperson.
The Nile Special Cranes Na – Mutima Regional Tour that visited Gulu town, illness yesterday left the population amazed as the local stars dribbled the ball with their favorite national team players.

However, it was bad news for the Gulu select team as Uganda Cranes lashed them 5 – 0 in the friendly match at Pece Stadium.

The first half ended with two goals to Nil in the favor of the Cranes as the Northern select team gathered strength to work hard in the second half to make a better play off and at least come out with a consolation goal but this was far from reality as the humiliation deepened further with more goals.

Despite the humiliation, the local fans exhibited the highest team spirit and a heart of patriotism as they blew their vuvuzelas like never before throughout the match in the heart of Gulu town

“The players who performed well stand a high chance to feature in the upcoming clash against Togo come 11th October,” said Cranes head coach, Micho.

The regional games are aimed at popularizing the Cranes team in Uganda.
In my Local language there is a great proverb “Entahaaga tesiima” Literally meaning a greedy person will never be appreciative. Many Ugandans seem to be falling in this category – I think!

Since 1986 UPDF has been accomplishing successful missions due to clarity of leadership and people power- and not superior and expensive equipment like heavy artillery machines guns and tanks.

It is this same spirit that for the Last five months UPDF has mooted an idea to assist in uplifting the agriculture sector that is dwindling in our hands, this given the experience exhibited by excellent management of many related tasks of liberating masses.

Surprisingly when this landed in the ears of the section of greedy Ugandans, the expected ‘thank you’ was court petition on the legality of UPDF in agriculture sector and roumermongering  that  UPDF is taking over agriculture Ministry, President Museveni is Militarizing agriculture etc just like similar comments hurled on them (UPDF) when they were liberating Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Somalia etc.

Results; Victory after Victory! But this idea of UPDF taking a major role in transforming agriculture was first mooted by civilian citizens like Rwakakamba Morrison who argued in The Independent and Daily Monitor in June 2012, that food security is the first line of comprehensive national security for Uganda- and UPDF should therefore engage in mass food production.

But our chattering elite class here in Kampala suburbs would perhaps need similar case scenarios and mostly importantly when the reference is United States – now I will do that. Former U.S. secretary of defense Robert Gates said, “One of the most important lessons of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is that military success is not sufficient to win: economic development, institution-building and the rule of law, promoting internal reconciliation, good governance, providing basic services to the people, training and equipping indigenous military and police forces, strategic communications, and more—these, along with security, are essential ingredients for long-term success.”

By economic development he meant  United States deliberate counterinsurgency (COI) military  program that was adapted to settle the social economic issues that were contributing to social unrests in Afghanistan and Iraq and to also cater for veteran combatants that participated in these wars to ensure a secure life after combat situations.

Agricultural leadership training slogans like ‘Helping Veterans trade their Swords for Plows’, “Think of it in military terms,” “It’s a matter of survival, an uphill battle, you have to think everything is against you and hope to stay alive.”

The battle in question was not the typical ground assault, but organic farming; targeted young US Marines and Veterans before and after the military service.  A lesson to our military leadership has to be drawn from such mindset training mode to be inculcated in our Military forces so that they should even think higher in this sector than merely distributing NAADs in puts and implements, but champion such huge gaps in this sector like Mass production, value addition and seed production.

The notion that Military should distance itself from agriculture promotion   is an empty talk, well knowing the fact that 80% of our population derives livelihood from this sector, and aware that if this sector weakens poses a recipe for insurgency and then kneel to the same force for safe haven.

Delaying UPDF to undertake this uphill task on ground out of sheer ignorance from few sections of our community is a violation of its constitutional obligation – To ensure a peaceful country free from any form of social unrest. Gone are days when insurgency was caused by tribal, religions and external attacks, the 21st century major causes of insecurity will be water and food shortages.

As farmers, we can’t be derailed by such selfish interests of individuals politicizing this good initiative. The only thing we shall do is to ensure that UPDF is inculcated in our local based associations and exploit their methods of work. Uganda National Farmers Federation and its branches countrywide is finalizing strategies of working with Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) to ensure farmers get timely and  quality inputs and value addition facilities for increased productivity.

Sunday Emmanuel

Secretary General

Uganda National Farmers Federation
As the country prepares for Uganda Police Centenary Celebrations set for October 3 at Kololo Airstrip, here police boss Gen Kale Kayihura has revealed the force has now grown into a pro-people law enforcement body unlike during the colonial era where it served the imperialists’ interests.

“It was meant to enforce colonial orders and in fact we ought not to have gone through colonialism as we would now be far. Look at the Ethiopians who defeated the Italian army and are now an inspiration to the African continent, buy ” the police chief revealed while addressing journalists in Kampala on Monday.

“Colonial police was not good for us. For example the essence of policing is in regards with relation to the communities but that’s not what the British brought here but instead an instrument of suppression. They didn’t come because they loved us but because of their own motives.”

Kayihura has in recent years come under criticism for what human rights groups describe as militarisation of the police to serve the interests of the sitting government.

Activists claim the police are no longer impartial but a force being prepared to entrench President Museveni’s rule and suppress dissent.

However, dosage Kayihura argues the force has however been able to transform into a body that serves people’s interests which he said is a great achievement throughout the years.

“There is nobody now who can stop community policing and crime prevention which are now spreading like bush fires throughout the country. We have now changed to ‘police is public and public is police.’”

The police boss noted that the outdated colonial laws are hindering the work of his force which he said need to be changed to serve interests of the modern society.

He said police is a law enforcement agency and therefore should work in accordance with relevant and current laws.

“The nature of our modern state is a colonial state because most of the laws were written by colonial governments yet their laws (Britain) have changed. The Ugandan laws have many assumptions which are not applicable now .For example the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.”

He added: “Even if you saw someone rape a woman and you say they are innocent until proven guilty? Some of the provisions of these laws are impossible to fulfil,” Kayihura noted.

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