Census Officials to Demonstrate over Non Payment

An enumerator at work

Democratic Party (DP) President, sales Norbert Mao has expressed great disappointment over the ‘return gala’ of president Museveni from the US over the weekend which saw multitudes of people lining up on the streets of Entebbe to give him a warm welcome.

“This is yet another sign of pay as you go politics being played by president Museveni where he had to mobilize several Ugandans by paying them off so as to give him a warm welcome, approved ” Mao told journalists during a weekly press briefing in Kampala.

Mao noted that it is so embarrassing and disappointing that billions of tax payers’ money from government coffers were spent buying fuel for Boda boda cyclists and taxi drivers, nurse preparing food and dishing out direct money to people to buy off their support for the day.

“What does one lose to stand and clap for you and there after you offer them free fuel, food and money; but one should then wonder whether they gathered because the loved Museveni or for such free goodies.”

He added that the ‘return gala’ was intended to deceive Ugandans that Museveni is still more popular which the case isn’t since he bought off people to attend his function.

“If Museveni wants to prove that he’s no longer popular before Ugandans, let him just announce on radios without using mobilisers who go on promising money to people, he will be shocked with the attendance.”

The DP president added, “If president Museveni stands in a free and fair election, he would be surprised that he won’t be even forth on the list of contestants; that is we can’t rest on our campaign as the opposition of free and fair elections.”

Mao further noted that Museveni should stop shying out on pronouncing his intentions to stand in the next presidential elections since all his movements portray his hunger for power.

“All this homecoming is a clear announcement that he is still interested to be the president of Uganda and if not so, he wouldn’t have wasted tax payers’ money in such ceremonies.”

Over the weekend, thousands gathered in Entebbe to receive President Museveni from New York where had been attending a United Nations General Assembly meeting.

Thousands of men, women and children were seen carrying placards urging Museveni to stand for re-election in 2016 and in support of the Kyankwanzi resolution which calls for a single candidature from the NRM party.

Museveni, during the weeklong visit to the US, addressed the United Nations General Assembly in New York, to which Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa was recently Appointed President General. He also interacted with Ugandans living the Diaspora and the business community

Seventy five officials that participated in the recently concluded National census in Rubaga, pharmacy Kampala have threatened to strike over delayed payment of their arrears and a charge of thirty percent in taxes imposed on their allowances.

The officials that are threatening to strike include Enumerators, Assistant supervisors and supervisor that were deployed in Nateete Parish, Rubaga Division Kampala District.

These, led by Yasin Ssemwogerere who was the overall supervisor for the parish have vowed not to sit back as Kampala Capital City Authority officials ‘undermine’ their right to payment after work.

“Enumerators were supposed to be paid a total amount of shs 280,000 and supervisors shs 400,000 at the end of the exercise but up to today we have not received that amount and no KCCA official has come up to address us on the reasons for the delay of our allowances”

Semwogerere adds that they have got rumors that the government is planning to tax their allowances by thirty percent which is going to leave them with very little at the end of it all.

“On several occasions, we have been visiting Rubaga Division headquarters seeking information regarding our allowances but the officials have not been of help which has forced us to opt for a peaceful demonstration,” added Semwogerere.

KCCA spokesperson Peter Kauju has not been available for a comment on the issue as efforts to reach him by phone were not successful.


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