CAA Speak out on Passenger who Collapsed at Entebbe Airport


On Saturday August 20 at about 2:00 am, a passenger fainted near the immigration counters at Entebbe International Airport, an incident which stirred overwhelming buzz on social media.

A picture about the incident has been making rounds on various social media platforms showing a “passenger in distress”.

To put the record straight, in a statement issued by Vianney Luggya, the Communications Manager Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the information being circulated has been described as “incorrect in relation to what transpired.”

According to the statement, “as soon as the incident happened, an Aviation Police Officer monitoring the area alerted medical personnel at the Arrivals Health Desk who immediately responded and ably attended to her in less than five minutes.”

Upon recovery, Luddya says, the woman expressed appreciation for the “prompt response contrary to the exaggerated and inaccurate social media posts.”

The statement further clarifies the airport has a standby medical unit that is appropriately equipped and staffed to handle emergencies of such a nature when they arise.


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