Businessman Behind Nansana Murders – Gen. Kayihura

Gen Kayihura arriving for the meeting with Nansana residents

The Inspector General of Police Gen.Kale Kayihura on Monday shared findings of preliminary investigations into the recent spate of murders in the Nansana area, which pointed to a local businessman.

In the past 3 months 17 women have been killed in Nansana and Entebbe areas of Wakiso district.

Speaking to locals at Royal Gardens in Nansana on Monday afternoon, Gen. Kayihura said one of the suspects arrested has confessed to have been hired to commit the murders.

“He personally told me he had killed 8 women after being contracted by one Tumuhimbise, a local businessman for ritual sacrifices,” Kayihura said.

The police boss said of the 17 women killed, 11 were sex workers and one a school girl whereas others were killed by jilted lovers.

Entebbe Murders

The IGP also said that there is strong evidence that the murders are Nansana are related to those in Entebbe.

On Thursday, 25 year old Aisha Nakasinde a resident of Kivundira village in Katabi town council in Wakiso district became the 7th person to be killed in a similar manner in Entebbe after being raped by unknown assailants. Nakasinde who had been missing was discovered dumped in a bush, a few meters from Kasenyi barracks becoming.

Gen. Kayihura said police is still verifying the information they have to link the murders in both areas.

“We are still trying to look for any other motives behind the killings but it seems there is a connection.”


The police boss in the meantime, attacked the media for portraying the current situation as being out of hand.

Kayihura urged journalists to be patriotic and work with police to fight the crimes other than bashing them.

“Why don’t you reinforce the police instead of weakening them,”Gen. Kayihura wondered.

“This is not a joke. Don’t scare people because it will not help the situation. “

On the issue of a curfew, the police boss said this method has not shown any tangible goods wherever it has been applied.

“He however, tipped women to get training in fitness and self-defense skills.

Locals Blame Police

Residents however pinned some police officers for always working with criminals.

“When we report them (criminals) to police, by the time we reach home, they (criminals) have already known of it and harm us,” said one of the residents.

The locals also blamed police for always releasing suspected criminals after being arrested.


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