Business Journalists Asked to Promote Uganda

Kampala downtown is one of the busiest business areas

Business journalists from different media houses in Uganda have been asked to resist from reporting negativity about the Uganda’s economy, especially when they do not have all the facts as this scares away investors and closes markets for Ugandans goods.

This appeal was made by offices from the Uganda Export Promotion Board (UEPB) during a media training and export promotion dissemination seminar that took place Esella Country Hotel in Kampala.

The seminar was organized by UEPB to help journalists increase their understanding about the export sector as well as learn how to report on Uganda’s export market in a more productive way

The UEPB Managing Director, Elly Twineyo Kamugisha said the media has a big effect on people’s perceptions about different issues.

He thus asked the journalists to use their power to disseminate information that promotes Uganda instead of always concentrating on the small negative things.

“When you read papers every day, there is a lot of negativity portrayed about Uganda’s economy. This scares away investors. Also before you write a story, first think of the effects that it will have and measure them against the advantages before you decide whether it’s worth it. You have the power to build or destroy this country,” Kamugisha said

Paul Oktoi, the Manager, Economic and Strategic Planning at the National Planning Authority noted that the media in Uganda is more sensational and does not do any research before they report on issues, which has in most cases caused more harm than good.

Oktoi says that the journalists need to do a better job of looking at facts other than reporting what they hear from journalists who are in most cases have their own agenda’s.

“There are a lot of positive things to report about the Uganda’s economy. There are a lot of projects that are ongoing. There are a lot of innovations that our people are doing to promote trade and improve on the exports. It’s disheartening to always read only negative stories from the media. Look out for this information that can develop the common people instead of feeding them on lies and irrelevant information,” Oktoi said.


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