Bukenya Reveals 2016 Strategy

Police have found clues as they intensify the search for MP Barnabus Tinkasiimire’s estranged wife, medical Lynn Mbabazi, who went missing last week.

Chimp Corps understand Mbabazi was sighted at a commercial bank in Kampala just after disappearing from her home in Makindye.

“Detectives are scrutinising the CCTV footage from the bank as part of the investigations into the case,” said a family friend who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely.

It’s now one week since Lynn Mbabazi went missing, plunging her family in untold grief.

Mbabazi’s mother, Mabel Bakeine, who is the Kibale district Woman MP, has in recent days been piling pressure on law enforcement bodies to search for the 28-year-old woman.

“Lynn Mbabazi is my daughter. The family last heard from her on Friday (September 19) at 8:00am. We are concerned. Help find #Lynn,” Bakeine tweeted recently.

This website, which broke the news about Mbabazi’s mysterious disappearance, has established that the President’s office has also been informed about the saga.

Mbabazi told detectives in a statement at Katwe Police Station that she was consistently facing a barrage of death threats from the MP and that she was feeling insecure.

Sources said Mbabazi fled Tinkasiimire’s residence a year ago over unknown reasons. But she is said to have intimated to close friends that she was ‘unhappy’ in the marriage.

Chimpreports could not verify allegations of domestic violence.

What continues to bother the family is that Tinkasiimire’s ex wife, Agnes Ageno died under mysterious circumstances in Mukono in 2012.

Mbabazi, a former employee at Uganda Broadcasting Corporation [UBC] disappeared mysteriously last Friday morning.

She was last seen on Thursday evening at her workplace – National Water and Sewerage Corporation along the 6th Street in Industrial area.

“She left her workplace on Thursday evening. We have not seen her since then,” said a close family friend who preferred anonymity.

Tinkasiimire this week said his ex wife had been briefly detained at Katwe Police over theft of his car, a Toyota Nadia registration number UAT 762K.

But Mbabazi said she sold off the car which was a birthday gift from Tinkasiimire as it was not fuel friendly.

The controversial MP posted on Twitter: “I have not called her for the last eight months nor talked to her. How did I threaten her?”

“I have no interest in Ms Mbabazi anymore, why would I bother calling her?” he added.
After long uncertainty about the political plans of former Vice President, page Gilbert Bukenya who many people once regarded as a staunch NRM Party member until he declared that he would stand against President Museveni in the forthcoming 2016 General Elections.

Prof Gilbert Bukenya has revealed that he has now embarked on a process of intensive negotiations with all Ugandan political parties to find out the best party he will side with in the forthcoming Presidential elections

In a press briefing held at his new offices in Rubaga, this Bukenya remarked that he is ready to negotiate with any party provided it’s willing to respect democracy, Human rights and unity of all Ugandans

“After receiving too much pressure from various religious leaders and other well-wishers asking me on my political stand, I have decided to set up a negotiation committee which is going to be in charge of all talks that we are going to hold with various political parties as far as an alliance in the 2016 presidential elections is concerned”

Bukenya added that this committee will do its work professionally which will include signing memoranda of Understanding with the preferred party as a proof of the alliance in order to avoid the problems that have been happening to many political parties resulting from informal coalitions.

“Before engaging in alliance with any political party, we shall first ensure that the selected political party fulfills the following terms; upholding human rights where everyone will have a right to believe in a religion and do anything of his choice, uniting  all Ugandans without any religious or tribal divisions, putting in practice all democratic principles like giving  a chance to all its members to compete in various political offices as well as valuing to learn from Uganda’s history to prevent more political mistakes from happening again,” he said.

Bukenya further informed the public that he is willing to negotiate with Museveni and to align with the NRM party in the forthcoming elections once it fulfills all the above requirements.

“In politics we have no permanent enemies, if I can ally with Dr. Besigye, the man whom I decampaigned when I was still in government so what is s wrong with allying with President Museveni in case he fulfills the principles of democracy?” wondered Bukenya.

Bukenya later warned Baganda against being used by politicians who want to fulfill their ambitions

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