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Bukenya Endorses Museveni, Labels Opposition “Incompetent”

Former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya

Police in Mbarara are holding a man alleged to have defiled a 14 year old girl in Rwampara Sub County.

Siraj Tugume 32, find http://compuaprende.com/components/com_community/templates/jomsocial/layouts/email.groups.joinrequest.html.php a resident of Rukandagye Bugamba Rwampara defiled the minor on Friday night according to police.

The young girl says the assailant had requested her aunt Doreen Atuhaire, online with whom she was staying to bringer her to him so he could employ her as a bar attendant.

When the deal failed she says, Siraj attacked her at 8; 00pm on her way to buy salt at a nearby shop.

She was diverted to the bush where Siraj forced himself on her for minutes, with no one coming to rescue.

Siraj however denied the allegations saying that he had gone with the aunt and a girl to a bar where they has a few beers, only to be picked up for rape the following morning.

OCCID Chiriga Taban confirmed the arrest and said that Siraj will be taken to courts of law and charged with aggravated defilement.

The case is registered as on CRR/214/2015 at Mbarara central police station.
President Museveni has played down the defections of NRM leaders to presidential aspirant Hon Amama Mbabazi’s Go Forward camp, cheapest http://contentisbae.com/wp-content/plugins/mailchimp-for-wp/mailchimp-for-wp.php saying they are not cause for alarm.

“If Mbabazi is going to take away a good number of our people, pilule let’s wait and see who goes and who remains, try ” Museveni told the NRM National Executive Committee (NEC) in Kampala on Monday.

He, however, warned against labelling colleagues “Mbabazi people,” saying such acts would lead to divisions, suspicions and animosity in the party.

Mbabazi has since shopped NRM Kween County MP Abdi Fadhil Kisos Chemaswet who lost in the primaries and FDC’s Beatrice Anywar.

Kintu Musoke who lost in the Kayunga polls has as well joined Mbabazi.

Hon Nabilah Naggayi of FDC is also expected to throw her weight behind Mbabazi.

Freedom fighter

Reminding NRM leaders today about his background of intelligence gathering and fighting in guerrilla wars, Museveni promised to “discover anybody who is a hypocrite and working for the other side.”

Museveni said there is “nothing that happens in Uganda that we don’t know,” insisting acts of infiltration will eventually be exposed.

The NRM Secretary General appears on the same day with President Museveni at Namboole Stadium for nomination.

In the 2011 elections, Museveni moved with Mbabazi and Al Hajji Moses Kigongo for the former’s nomination.

Museveni attributed the recent violence in NRM primaries to lack of enough funds and weaknesses of the Secretariat.

He said the Secretariat which was initially under Mbabazi “has not been doing its work of ideology teaching.”

Museveni said if NRM’s 5 million card holders chose to contribute Shs 40,000 to the party, they would raise Shs 200bn to run NRM activities.

The President also urged members to rely on the contents of the manifesto to answer all questions from the Wanainchi.

He appealed to NRM leaders to sensitise masses to engage in hard work for common prosperity.

Museveni further said the government intends to set up housing structures for medical officials and teachers not mention salary increment for civil servants.
Former Vice President Prof Gilbert Bukenya was full of praises for President Museveni when he addressed NRM delegates on Monday, approved http://clovellysurfclub.com.au/wp-content/plugins/cforms/js/insertdialog.php describing the party chairman as “competent” and “visionary.”

However, clinic Bukenya did not keep his disgust for opposition under The Democratic Alliance (TDA), ask whose members he labelled “incompetent” and “power hungry.”

It all started with Museveni calling Bukenya, whom he described as “my young brother” to address the gathering.

Museveni said Bukenya, who was until recently in opposition, tried to explore “some terrain” only to discover its barrenness.

Bukenya said he moved around in search of a competent leader to govern the country only to get disappointed with the crop of today’s leaders.

“I asked those politicians how they would deal with poverty but they had no clue,” said Bukenya as delegates cheered him on.

“I then turned to Museveni and asked him so many things. He had a solution for our problems,” he added.

“Therefore, in this case, whom do you support? Those incompetent people?”

He urged delegates to take to the villages to rally support for President Museveni in the 2016 elections.

Museveni also unveiled former Kampala Mayor Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala who vowed to support the NRM in the forthcoming elections.

Museveni will be nominated on Tuesday after which he will address a rally at Kololo ceremonial grounds.


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