Building a School, Using it as Showcase is not CSR – Danish Ambassador

Democratic Party (DP) president and Go Forward 2016 Manifesto Chairperson, ambulance cheap Norbert Mao has assured Ugandans that his candidate, buy Amama Mbabazi is the only man with potential to lead Ugandans through a political transition, Chimp Corps report.

Speaking during the Go Forward Manifesto Launch at Kampala Serena Hotel on Sunday evening, the DP boss cited a range of reasons as to why they chose to support Amama Mbabazi among which is the fact that he participated in the NRA rebellion that caused change in the country in 1986.

“Mbabazi comes as a rebel leader; it is through rebellion that NRM came to power and it’s through rebellion that he will rally the people of Ugandans to go forward,” Mao told the excited gathering at Serena Hotel.

Mao highlighted that Mbabazi despite still being an NRM member, he has rebelled against his leaders and stood against president Museveni so as to deliver the long awaited change in the country.

“Mbabazi is a man who is an insider with a reform agenda that can be embraced by the opposition in the country,” he added.

“We believe that Mbabazi has a deeper insight of Musevenism; Museveni the man, the machine and the mindset. A machine in such a way that he uses fear to rule and has created a mindset that he cannot be defeated.”

Mbabazi served in high profile and sensitive positions in government before being sacked late last year.


Mao observed that several TDA members chose to support Mbabazi due to his vast knowledge of how the executive in the country works.

In the proposed transitional government, said Mao, there shall be no time for internship but learning on the job.

“Mbabazi is a man of resolve who is unwavering in his convictions. He has a range of contacts both regional and international to be used to support our campaigns and put pressure on the current regime,” said Mao.

He said the Go Forward manifesto is a five-point program with fresh ideas that provide solutions to the problem of state building.

Mao said the launched manifesto focuses on reviving good governance, democracy and rebuilding institutions, transforming the country’s economy, ensuring quality social services, strengthening security structures, international trade and foreign policy and national unity.
Telecom giant, generic MTN has come out to respond to the statement issued by Eeze money, viagra sale in regards to the Shs 2.3b, visit High court ordered MTN to pay to EezeMoney as damages for sabotaging the latter’s mobile money business.

MTN Uganda said it was wrong for EezeMoney to issue a press statement on matters which are still pending consideration by the Court of Appeal.

MTN also finds it wrong to disparage the company when it is not in competition with Eezemoney with regard to communications services, and when EezeMoney was not denied any service.

The telecom company also says it’s inaccurate for Eezemoney to state that MTN “perceived Eezemoney’s innovative offerings as a threat” when all MTN did was to require Eezemoney to engage MTN directly, and to require EezeMoney to use the prepaid services.

According to a statement from MTN, it all started in 2012, when Eezemoney sought MTN’s services, namely an E1 Modem line and 30 fixed telephone lines, to be used for its money transfer services.

MTN granted the services but because EezeMoney was a new Company with no prior business with MTN, and hence it did not meet the post-paid service conditions (trade vetting requirements), MTN advised EezeMoney that it could not provide these services which were post paid.

MTN instead migrated EezeMoney to the prepaid service.

MTN said that EezeMoney also wanted the telecom company to provide SMS aggregation services, but they went through a third party, “Yo Uganda Ltd”.

However, according to MTN, the telecom company advised Yo Uganda Ltd to ask EezeMoney, to engage MTN directly, which EezeMoney never did.

Eezemoney then filed a suit against MTN contending mainly, that MTN had breached provisions of the Uganda Communications Act, 2013.

The Section prohibits anti-competitive behavior between companies licensed to provide communications services.

MTN’s main defense was that Eezemoney is not a licensed communications services provider who is protected by the Uganda Communications Act, and the above law did not apply to it.

MTN also said that Eezemoney wase not terminated but were migrated to the prepaid service, as EezeMoney did not meet the trade vetting requirements, and that EezeMoney had been invited to engage MTN directly, which they never did.

According to MTN, Eezemoney was never denied any service by MTN Uganda.

MTN’s Appeal

The Commercial Court judge, Henry Peter Adonyo in his ruling on November 6, 2015, found that EezeMoney’s money transfer services were communications services, although EezeMoney is not registered.

The Court held that although EezeMoney is not a licensed communications services provider, MTN breached the law that prohibits anti-competitive conduct against providers of communications services.

The Court therefore awarded EezeMoney Shs 2.3 Billion as damages.

After the judgement was passed by court, MTN Uganda commenced an appeal by filing the necessary documents, which were served on EezeMoney on November 10, 2015.

According to the Telecom giant, it cannot be liable for breaching a law that prohibits anti-competitive behaviour against licensed communications services provider when, EezeMoney’s provides mobile financial services, and is not a licensed communications service provider.

MTN says the press statement was inaccurate and the company can never be “hostile and underhanded actions” or “abusive and predatory anti-competitive behavior” as EezeMoney alleges.

MTN also disclosed that although they are aware that some of EezeMoney’s employees, in particular Irene Kawuma who was charged and convicted by the High Court to imprisonment for 15 years for committing fraud against MTN  for causing it loss of over Shs 450 Million, MTN has never used that as a reason to deny, and has never denied EezeMoney access to its services.

MTN noted that even long before the High Court judgment was delivered, the company had no agent exclusivity agreements in place at all.
Coach Milutin ‘Micho’ Sredojevi? has echoed his support behind Cranes rising midfield star Khalid Aucho, cure despite the fact that a large section of Kenyan media are pinning him for purported ‘indiscipline’.

Just recently, a panel of analysts that included renowned Kenyan coach Jacob Mulei analysed the ever-rising midfielder, stating that his attitude and temper would dent his chances of winning the best player or midfielder accolade in the Kenyan PL.

Somehow the Cranes boss acknowledges Aucho’s challenge and says, “I respect everyone’s opinion it is true that he (Aucho) is hot tempered person and we are tirelessly working to calm him down as we recognize him as pillar of
our team.”

The Gormahia star was recently shortlisted in the KPL Midfielder of the Year together with teammate, Collins Okoth after a successful season that has seen the side lift the title unbeaten.

Best Cecafa-based CM
The Serbian is in full praise of the 23 year old, rating him high above the rest in the region.
“Of course Aucho Khalid has gone miles in his football career and reached the level of being best Cecafa-based central midfielder,” Micho told Chimp Sports.

Kenya’s captain, Victor Wanyama has been seen as the most successful footballer in the region after making his way through the ranks in Europe, currently plying trade at Southampton in the most famous league, the EPL.

Many have considered him a role model for young players just like coach Micho does But he compares the two.

“Despite Wanyama being role model and positive example for all of us in the region my personal opinion is that if nurtured properly and given right chance in right environment Aucho  Khalid can reach Wanyama’s level and  even go further.We are privileged to have him with us in Cranes set up.”
The Royal Danish Ambassador, click Mogens Pedersen,  has said corporate social responsibility(CSR) is not so much about building a school or two in a rural community and using it as a show case.

The ambassador was speaking about the importance of private companies proactively promoting corporate social responsibility, during the Nordic-East Africa Business Summit and Expo that concluded last week in Kampala.

Pedersen said private companies should focus on responsible taxation according to the legislation of the country, and offer decent working conditions which contribute to development the most.

“Corporate social responsibility also includes protecting human rights and taking into account environmental and climate considerations and saying no to corruption,” he said.

He added that such an approach generates better economic and social ripple effects.

He said Nordic companies have a good reputation when it comes to social responsibility and fair investments and operations.

Pedersen encouraged Nordic companies and their Ugandan and East African partners to promote corporate social responsibility, respect social and environmental norms, human rights and avoid corruption.

He divulged that Nordic governments want to promote trade and private sector development.

“And we know that Uganda has great business and investment opportunities. However, the country still faces a number of challenges that need to be addressed in order to improve the business environment,” Pedersen said.

The ambassador said corruption is the major challenge when it comes to doing business in particular for the smaller companies.

He added that getting work permits in the country hinders Nordic companies trying to set up business in Uganda.

“It is very expensive to obtain work permits and also takes more than half a year to acquire such an important document.”

Pedersen also held that the importation of goods is still hampered by bureaucratic red tape and is often a very slow and cumbersome process.

He encouraged the Government to take concrete measures to improve the situation.

Also present at the Nordic-East Africa Business Summit was the Minister for Trade and Industry, Amelia Kyambadde.


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