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Brig. Kasirye Ggwanga Quizzed By Detectives

Brig Kasirye Ggwanga

Brigadier Kasirye Ggwanga, a controversial army officer who fought in several guerrilla wars and recently set on fire a tractor he found on his family property, has been grilled by police.

Ggwanga does not deny burning the tractor which he found on her daughter’s land in Lubowa, Wakiso District early this month.

He recently said police do not need to investigate the matter as he is personally liable for his actions.

Police have now revealed that Ggwanga was questioned by detectives on Monday.

Officials told ChimpReports the grilling lasted about five hours at Katwe police station.

CIID spokesperson, Vincent Ssekate confirmed the development.

“It’s true, he was asked about the burning of the tractor,” said Ssekate.

He further revealed that the army officer, who has previously threatened violence to whoever encroaches on his land, was released on police bond until Monday next week.

He was charged with malicious damage.

Ggwanga’s actions attracted mixed reactions from he public with some saying it was the best measure against land grabbing in the country.

Others scorned on his highhandedness, arguing Ggwanga needed to be contained for promoting acts of violence.

DP Press Secretary, Fred Mwesiga last week told journalists in Kampala there were worse scenarios to come since the government has failed to resolve the land issues.

“People have resolved to find all possible ways of protecting their land. Some are stripping naked like we are seeing in the north, others like Brig Kasirye have chosen to burn the tractor as a means of protection since they are victims,” he said.

Mwesiga said by the time a senior military man resorts to taking the law into his hands, it simply meant he had run out of all possible options.


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