Bride Misses Wedding Because of Judges’ Strike


A woman with a case before the Anti-corruption Court will miss her own wedding which was reportedly slated for today Saturday August 6, owing to the ongoing strike by judicial officers around the country.

The woman had applied and expected to be released from Luzira Prison yesterday, in time for her wedding, only to find closed doors of the Anti-Corruption Court.

Judges and Magistrates around the country laid down their tools yesterday, demanding salary increment and improved working conditions, including housing and medical insurance.

They claim their salaries are much lower than their counterparts in the other two arms of government.

The woman, whose names sources asked us conceal, was supposed to appear before the Anti-Corruption court’s magistrate Peter Lochomin for ruling on her bail application.

She was produced from Luzira Women’s Prison, unaware of the judicial officers’ industrial action.

She was yesterday remanded back to Prison without a date on which she is supposed to report back to court.

Sources at the court confirmed that in her bail application, she had presented proof that she was a bride with a wedding scheduled to take place today.

The indefinite strike which kicked off yesterday is expected to continue until when UJOA, the judicial officers’ association is availed with funds to summon another extraordinary Assembly to determine whether members should carry on or suspend the strike.

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