BIKA FOOTBALL: Referee Beaten as Nsenene-Mamba Game Ends in Chaos

Fans during rowding

Wednesday, August 9

Kayozi vs Mpeewo (Mpeewo given a walkover)

Mamba Gabunga vs Nsenene (Game abandoned, 1-1 in 20 minutes)

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The Bika Football tournament received a major setback as the mouthwatering clash between last year’s semi-finalists Nsenene and record Champions Mamba Gabunga ended into a brawl.

With the game 1-1 in the 20th minute, the referee reduced Nsenene to a man down due to a bad tackle and during the same incident; the Nsenene captain was also given a red card for protesting the incident.

The Nsenene team manager, Suleiman Mpagi stormed the pitch to attack the referee due to what he felt was poor officiation which paved the way for both technical benches to enter the pitch with the fans as the world witnessed total chaos.

Commenting on the scenario, Mamba Gabunga’s coach, Nsubuga Syrus, said: “It was a bad act, my team played good football and those Nsenene guys resorted to Taekwondo. Players must be disciplined and I’m sure the committee will give us a walkover.”

a9794eef-df10-4789-871c-a93bdc3ab1dcNsenene team

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