Besigye’s Aide Vows to Reclaim Boss’ 2016 Victory

Moses Byamugisha speaking to journalists

Former FDC President, Kizza Besigye’s aide, Moses Byamugisha has been duly nominated by the party Electoral Commission (EC) to run for the party presidency.

The party EC chairperson, Dan Mugalula told the media at party headquarters in Najjanankumbi that Byamugisha has fulfilled all the requirements for the position, hence being nominated.

In his address to the media, Byamugisha noted that he will rally his campaign behind two core principles of ensuring that he reclaims the 2016 party victory and positioning the youth to take over the leadership of the country.

The campaigns will run for 90 days.

Byamugisha said that he will be proposing to FDC leaders countrywide with proposals on how to streamline the party and its infrastructure to be able to serve the needs of the main struggle to reclaim the 2016 victory.

“You recall very well that soon after the 2016 elections and the events that followed, the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) and the National Council sat and resolved that our win was stolen by Mr. Museveni and the party resolved that it is going to embark on programs that are intended to mobilize party members to be able to reclaim our victory,” Byamugisha said.

According to Byamugisha, this resolution has never been honored which is a great disappointment.

“I come in this campaign to be able to raise several proposals on how I think I am the best person that can rally FDC supporters especially its majority base who are the young people on how best we can reclaim our victory of 2016.”

Byamugisha noted that the second and last campaign issue is to champion a youth led inclusive national political transition and enhance the preparedness of the youth to take over the leadership.

“I am out to collaborate with those that are similarly persuaded to begin mobilising young people to position ourselves to ensure that we are in the line for power.”


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