BBA: Ellah’s Mom Cautions on Kissing

Ellah's meets her mother in BBA house this weekend. She warned the star against kissing in the house

The South Sudan rebel movement`s Chairman Committee of Information and Publicity, viagra dosage http://danceexchange.org/wp-content/plugins/ajax-event-calendar/inc/admin-options.php Mabior Garang de Mabior has said the involvement of Uganda national army UPDF in his country’s internal conflict is a necessary reality they cannot ignore.

Mabior who is also the son of SPLA founding father, Dr. John Garang  spoke to ChimpReports exclusively and extensively on Saturday in Uganda`s capital Kampala.

We started publishing details of the interview on Saturday.

The SPLA –In Opposition figure said the Juba regime under President Salva Kiir only “misused the presence of Uganda`s army” to entrench his rule.

“That’s why our movement was vehemently opposed to Uganda’s involvement at the beginning and asked for immediate withdrawal using both a diplomatic call and the regional body Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Peace Talks forum,” he noted.

UPDF entered Juba the evening of December 18, 2013 when their MIG 27 and United States Osprey C-22 which had gone on evacuation mission of foreign nationals came under a heavy attack from rebels in Bor.

The attack resulted into serious injuries of two US Marine soldiers.

UPDF immediately took charge of the only International Airport Juba, United Nations headquarters and foreign mission installations without capacity to protect themselves from the bloodiest internal war that broke out on December 15 last year.

Mabior observed that there was an irreversible state collapse if UPDF had not put boots on the ground in South Sudan and only God knows what would have happened next in the nation which situation was exacerbated by high prevalence of guns in the hands non state actors.

“We vehemently opposed the UPDF involvement at the beginning and their presence was really misused by Kiir and his following who forged a coup narrative. Their presence became a reality we had to accept because there was a lot at stake,” Mabior told Chimp reports on Saturday morning at an exclusive hotel.

When asked about the rebel movement`s persistence for UPDF’s withdrawal and their current position on the Ugandan armed forces’ presence in his country, Mabior said Uganda which is an active IGAD member participating in the Peace Talks, has already committed to withdraw her army  in the previous agreements and Uganda’s government is in a better position to answer.

“Uganda knows better when to withdraw since it has committed in IGAD agreements to do so. I have nothing much to say on that because Uganda is also participating in the talks and as I said it knows better,” Mabior said.

He however immediately added that withdrawal should not risk the collapse of the world`s youngest nation.

Mabior and Chimp Corp Dickens Honeywell Okello

Mabior and Chimp Corp Dickens Honeywell Okello

No UPDF Officer Captured By Rebels

Mabior, who is the official mouthpiece Of SPLA-IO said their forces have not captured or killed any UPDF since the foreign army got back to defensive positions in Juba and Bor as early as April.

His new revelation is contrary to what their generals on the front line have been posting, describing as ”propaganda” reports that several Ugandan soldiers have been killed on the battlefield with rebels.

“Our people sometimes only look for pictures from Nuba Mountains (SPLA liberation war with Sudan army) and Somalia (UPDF`s fatal loss in 2009) and post them claiming they are from recent combat confrontations. That’s just simple propaganda,” Mabior said.

“If indeed we were to capture UPDF officers, it would be a big propaganda for us since we would organize a big press conference and hand them over to UN or Red Cross,” Mabior added as he kept on laughing.

The rebel`s military spokesman, Brig. Lul Koang has on several occasions released photos claiming to be of killed or captured UPDF soldiers.

Ugandan officials say UPDF combat units will be pulled out of the restive country when IGAD deploys a stabilisation force there.

Uganda Big Brother Africa representative Ellah this weekend received her mother in the South Africa-based house, cheapest http://daisho.ca/wp-admin/includes/comment.php who cautioned the star against showing too much affection to Idris.

She warned that “this consistent kissing will cost you if you don’t stop it.”

The star’s mother came with words of advice and greetings from family members.

ChimpLyf Corps say she advised that Ellah should “focus on the game” and also conveyed how much former Miss Uganda’s family loves and misses their rising Hotshot.

Meanwhile, cheap as housemates prepared for a big night, what is ed there was an undercurrent of tension rippling between them. Nhlanhla, JJ and Idris took it easy as they sat outside and watched the stylists.

When Ugandan star Ellah joined them they started teasing each other, but before long it seemed that the words were no longer in jest.

Ellah kept on calling the three men “modasuckers”, telling them that they sucked, while they teased her about always trying to look fine and cool. When JJ told her to behave herself, because her mother was watching, she walked off in a huff.

She went to the bedroom where she talked to Butterphly about the teasing downstairs. Another disagreement soon bubbled up as Ellah squabbled with Idris and she flung herself on to the bed and pretended to cry. A concerned Butterphly went to comfort her.

She soon pooped up her head and was smiling again, thanks in part to Butterphly who tried to lighten the mood. Not up for more disputes, Butterphly started joking about her Texas draw and soon got the pair laughing together at her silly antics.

Idris did not even bat an eyelid when Butterphly teased him back and called him Iddie which she said was short for idiot. The two ladies then started telling Idris that he never did his laundry, but he disagreed, and another back and forth looked set to occur. But they dropped it and instead Ellah tried to model her outfits for Idris.

Do you think the silly fights mean housemates are reaching breaking point? With only one week left in the game, it is to be expected.

Ellah and Sipe both received visits from their mothers.
There were also a few fans amongst the visitors, as they confessed that they were glued to their screens, watching all the shenanigans in the house.

This week’s nominated housemates are: Goitse, Idris, JJ, Ellah, Sheillah, Tayo, Sipe.

Ugandan musician Bebe Cool will today perform at the BBA eviction ceremony today Sunday.

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