BBA: Ellah Moves On With Wounded Heart

Uganda National beach Soccer team, nurse http://corephysio.ca/scripts/form/language/nontranslate_english-iso-8859-15.php the Sand Cranes will play Zanzibar in an international friendly game on Saturday, stomach http://clubcycloautun.fr/wp-includes/ms-files.php 6th December 2014 in the Indian Ocean Island of Zanzibar.

The team’s head coach, purchase http://citizenspace.us/wp-admin/includes/taxonomy.php Harunah Kebba has already summoned 17 players set to travel on Tuesday.

There will be an official flag off for the team on Monday, 1st December 2014 at FUFA House in Mengo.

The Uganda Sand Cranes team is preparing for AFCON Beach Soccer Championships that will be hosted by Seychelles in April 2014.

There is planned training for the team with two dates set in December (28th and 29th) before a test match that will take place at Lido Beach resort in Entebbe.

Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) mandated the Uganda Beach Soccer Association (UBSA) to organize the game of Beach Soccer in Uganda.

So far, UBSA has recorded success in organizing the Pepsi national beach soccer league, the Women’s league, Corporate League, University and Institutions Championships and secondary schools tournaments.

One front where UBSA has scored highly is the securing of sponsors (Crown Beverages Limited under the Pepsi brand) to run the national beach soccer league.

The Sand Cranes team:

Goal Keepers:

Michael Kalule (Sand Pirates), Nasser Rwamunda (Buwanika Bulls United)


Douglas Muganga (Nkumba Select), Derrick Teko (Y.M.C.A), Davis Kasujja (MUBS), Jeff Akabwayi (KIU), Ambrose Naturinda (Y.M.C.A), Joseph Nsubuga (St. Lawrence University)

Creative Players:

Baker Lukooya (MUBS), Johnnie Levita (Real Galaticos), Saidi Mzee (Real Galaticos), Emma Kalyoowa (St. Lawrence University)


Brian Nkuubi (MUBS), Phillip Lwezawula (St Lawrence University), Roch Somoka (Nkumba Select), Nicholas Kamya (Sand Pirates), Ismail Kagingo (KIU)

Technical Department:

Head Coach: Harunah Kebba

Assistant Coach: Peter Sseguya

Vice Chairman Technical: Hamzah Jjunju
After all the back and forth between Idris and Ugandan Big Brother Africa representative, buy http://clinico.cl/wp-includes/class-wp-query.php Ellah it was time for M’am Bea to weigh in in her unmatched voice of reason.

Frankly with Ellah wounded in love and Idris just drowning in the murky waters of utter confusion M’am Bea was what their dilemma needed. She came right on cue to offer sound advice and perspective.

Idris, http://crewchiefpro.com/wp-includes/wp-db.php clearly troubled by his conscience, desperately needed someone to talk to, or perhaps someone to hear him out as he rationalised his behaviour, so who other than M’am Bea herself. Although we couldn’t quite be sure if M’am Bea was the most bias of sounding boards she tried to get the message through to him.

His issue of the day was that Ellah, who wanted zero to do with him naturally, was keeping an icy distance.

Really it was the fact that the guilt of her moving on and he being left without a Goitse or an Ellah wracked him with worry.

When he told M’am Bea that, once again, Goitse had been cold to him when he tried to open up to her about his relationship with Ellah.

This was bewildering, was Goitse expected to play agony aunty to his new love affair? In any case he felt repeatedly victimised by her and no he said that Ellah was blowing him off. He couldn’t fathom why, after “friend-zoning”, reeling her back in, making theirs a public romance then dropping her after leading her on, this was a tall order for the beauty queen.

M’am Bea reminded him that she was hurt and would need time. She would also probably be happy if she never saw him again.

This sent the impressionable ladies’ man into another tail spin as he later crawled to Ellah’s bed and sang his old song about being a great friend, a loving friend and so on.

This time around however Ellah stood guard of her precious heart. It was about time she protected it from Idris’ whim. Well done to her! Now it remained to be see if she could stick to her guns.



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