Authorities Urged to Strongly Promote Tourism

President Museveni has promised to tackle poverty and access to clean water once elected for a fifth term in office, store Chimp Corps report.

Museveni spoke briefly about his candidature after being nominated by the Electoral Commission at Mandela National Stadium.

Asked why he thinks he is the right man for the job, visit this site Museveni responded: “As for what makes me the best candidate for Uganda, cost that’s decided by people.”

He said Uganda went through the liberation struggle and recovery process, then building foundation for development. The president said it was time for take-off.

“The people of Uganda know that I am able to do the work Uganda requires like I’ve already proved myself over the years. We have empowered people and we’ve put in place systems to ensure the constitution is guarded and not tampered with,” he added.

“We’ve been limited by funds but our next struggle will be on combating poverty. We haven’t invested much in agriculture and clean water like we’ve done in infrastructure (roads).”

Clean water 

Museveni said 35 percent of people in rural areas lack clean water.

“We’ll also ensure Ugandans get water for irrigation so we can stop speculating about rain,” he added.

The EC chairperson, Eng Badru Kiggundu thanked Museveni for having handed in his campaign program on time and wished him luck.

The NRM Secretary General, Kasule Lumumba urged fans to throng Kololo ceremonial grounds for today’s rally.

“We’ve delivered the sole candidate. We congratulate him and call upon all members especially the young to rally behind him for victory,” said Lumumba.

Former Vice President Prof Gilbert Bukenya who accompanied president Museveni said “All those other contestants are incompetent.”

He said Besigye can at least put up a fight but not Amama Mbabazi.

“Ugandans need a candidate that can show a track record and capability not money. Amama has no starting point,” he fired the shots at the rival presidential aspirant.

information pills ‘sans-serif’; color: black; background: white;”>Uganda attracts 1.4 million tourists and earns US$ 1.4 billion annually, unhealthy compared to the US$ 6.5 million that the country was earning in 1986, President Museveni has said.

While addressing delegates at the NRM conference on Monday, Museveni said everything to encourage tourism in the country has been put in place.

He said the country’s security, infrastructure (roads), had been improved to support the economy.

“By ensuring peace and developing infrastructure, we have also laid the basis for the developing of our huge services sector,” Museveni said. 

Museveni said the bottleneck Uganda had in the past was the shortage of hotel rooms(beds). He divulged that hotel beds had increased from 958 beds in 1986 to about 40,000 beds, today, in the whole of Uganda.

According to Museveni, our huge and incomparable tourism sector, started at the very low base of 47,000 visitors in 1986 and bringing in only US$ 6.5million dollars per annum.

He however said the only lacking element which needs to be worked on is promoting the sector.

“I am told that there has been a slow-down of tourists because of the ignorance in the West, US and Europe, where the Ebola outbreak in West Africa scared tourists from coming to Africa,” the President said.

He added that the country’s tourist authorities should inform all and sundry that Uganda is a World Leader in combating Ebola.

“We have promptly defeated Ebola on three occasions (in Gulu, Bundibugyo and Kibaale) and have also defeated the outbreaks of the related Marburg on 3 occasions (in 2007 – Kamwengye, 2012 – Kabaale-Ibanda-Kampala, 2014 – Kampala),” Museveni said.


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