Army Spokesperson’s ‘Disappearance’ Shakes Kenya

KDF spokesperson Joseph Owuoth

Reports that Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) spokesperson Joseph Owuoth had gone missing, barely two weeks after confirming the military was conducting some form of training ahead of the presidential elections, have rattled the region.

Owuoth’s statement came against the backdrop of NASA Candidate Raila Odinga’s claims that the military intended to facilitate rigging the election.

The standard newspaper website quoted gubernatorial aspirant Prof. Anyang Nyong’o confirming the disappearance of Owuoth.

It is said that Owuoth was ordered to go on compulsory leave right after issuing the statement – confirming NASA’s allegations.

He was also ordered not to talk to the press and planned to go to his home in Koru.

He was in constant communication with his sister Elizabeth, whom he told everything he was ordered to do by his employers.

He then boarded a public transport vehicle in Nairobi while in constant communication with his sister.

Owuoth went silent once he reached Nakuru (or assumed to have reached Nakuru), never to be heard from again.

But he later said he was “ok”, amid speculation of his whereabouts.

Chimp Corps say developments in Kenya are raising fears of potential violence in the East African region.

A high ranking official in charge of ICT at Kenya’s Electoral Commission was recently murdered.

Raila Odinga last week said the Jubilee administration and the top military commanders have put in place to use force to subvert the election with a rigged outcome.

“The plan is to hand over power to Uhuru Kenyatta by completely illicit and unconstitutional means,” said Raila, adding, “Every aspect of the elaborate democratic polling system that has been put in place over the last four years will be undermined and a military operation conducted to deliver the presidency to Uhuru.”

Queried on the veracity of his claims, Raila said he worked for several years as a high ranking government official hence maintaining credible sources within the system.

Uhuru’s camp has since dismissed the allegations as baseless.

The military says deployments will be made but that they have no intentions of facilitating any plans to rig the election.

Raila said the plans include cutting of power and water and then militarily isolating settlements such as Mathare and Kibra on Election Day, possibly on the pretext of containing the spread of the cholera.

The documents indicate that very large numbers of officers and soldiers will be participating in the plot.

Also included will be 226 new soldiers, being trained at Mariakani Barracks to be deployed on this mission.

“The new soldiers don’t have networks in the military,” said Raila, adding, “Because they are new, they will readily take any orders, and at the same time cannot be identified, nor can they communicate with other soldiers who might not be privy to the plot and would be opposed to it.”

He further said the soldiers were planning to transport ballot papers to rural areas, code named Special Transit Goods or STG and that they will register telephone lines in the names of dead soldiers.

Uhuru Denial

But Uhuru this past weekend warned Raila against alarmism.

He said the opposition leader should look for policies to sell to Kenyans instead of issuing statements that could ignite violence.

Uhuru said it was unfortunate that the opposition leader had resorted to using all sorts of excuses to cause confusion in the coming elections instead of preaching peace.

“They keep on claiming that we want to use police, we want to use military to cause violence…I tell Kenyans one thing, I took an oath to protect all citizens and to maintain peace in the Republic of Kenya. I trust in God and I don’t intend to use any person to disrupt peace in the country,” the President said.


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