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Apac:  500 UPC Supporters Defect to NRM

Over 500 Uganda People’s Congress supporters on Friday evening crossed over to the ruling NRM party during a rally addressed by President Museveni at Ibuje Primary School in Apac district.

The supporters who handed in their cards dating back in the 1970s were led by the UPC Vice chairperson for Kwania Sub-county Francis Atine.

“For long we had been hoodwinked that the NRM government was behind the grabbing of our land on top of sidelining the Lango region for being a UPC stronghold, here http://chicken33.com/commande/wp-content/uploads/cache/sushi/_wplatte/_parts.search-form.php-20bd2877344684e23efb08a63091ea56.php ” Atine told Chimpreports.

“We realized that all this was untrue. The NRM government has extended electricity to our area on top of ending the Kony war that claimed many lives of our relatives. We realized it was time we repay President Museveni and the NRM for their efforts in seeing our area develop.”

Atine explained further that the ruling party has put in place programs like restocking of their cattle, website elders’ fund and Operation Wealth Creation which have helped reconstruct the war torn region.


According to the Kwania Sub-county UPC Vice chairperson, the bickering in the UPC that culminated in failure by the party to have a presidential candidate made of the party members to start thinking of other strong and serious parties.

“The party is in confusion with Otunnu (Olara) and Akena(Jimmy)  fighting for the top leadership. The party failed to bring any candidate in the 2016 presidential race which was an indicator of  lack of seriousness,”Atine said.


Meanwhile, another group of UPC members have declared an alliance with the ruling NRM party in the forthcoming 2016 presidential elections.

The people of Apac welcome Candidate  Yoweri Museveni

The people of Apac welcome Candidate Yoweri Museveni

Led  by  Godwin Achan, the UPC Chief mobilizer for Lango sub region, the group said they had realized President Museveni was the only candidate they could affiliate to in the coming elections since their party did not  front any candidate.

“We believe   President Museveni should lead the country for the next 5 years considering the development he has spearheaded in Lango region. We pledge to support him and the NRM in this election,”Achan said.

President Museveni had earlier on emphasized that  government is  focused on increasing household incomes for Ugandans.

Museveni said that the infrastructure like roads, schools and health centers plus electricity that government has provided   would be useless if the people had no income .

“Through our system of prioritization, we had to first provide security and other infrastructure in phases but now that we are done with that, we need to ensure household incomes increase. Its useless that people   cannot be able to provide their basic needs due to low incomes,”Museveni said.

He added, “We had to pump money in agriculture and through operation wealth creation, we provided seeds and animals like cattle to farmers to be able to improve your status.”

The president who spoke through a translator but on several occasions   spoke in the local dialect said he is willing to solve the problem of water that is affecting the people through provision of boreholes at village level.

On the issue of veterans and compensation of   their cattle, Museveni promised the people of Lango that they will have the last laugh because efforts are in high gear to ensure compensation is finalized.

“Don’t believe those who always tell you government has not paid you but we do this in phases. Those claiming government does not want to pay you don’t know what they are talking about.


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