Anthrax, Foot & Mouth Disease Reported In Mbarara

Mbarara District Veterinary Officer Dr. William Mwebembezi speaking to Journalists at Kamukuzi on Tuesday

Mbarara district veterinary officer Dr. William Mwebembezi has Tuesday announced he outbreak of Anthrax in the district.

 The disease is very severe with livestock and can also be fatal if humans consume meat or other products of infected animals.

Dr Mwebembezi revealed that the disease was confirmed in areas of Bubaare Sub County in Kashari South in Mbarara and also parts of Isingiro district.

“So far we have received a case in Bubaare and there is also information from Isingiro that some people consumed meat from a dead animal and they are now hospitalized,” he said

The Vet officer also confirmed foot and mouth disease in 2 parishes of Rukindo ward in Nyakayojo division and Bubaare in Kashari.

He said that government sent in vaccines and that vaccination is ongoing.

Mwebembezi cautioned farmers to restrict movement of animals and their products so as to manage fast spreading. The farmers were also urged not to introduce new animals on their farms.

He noted however, anthrax might be harder to manage since its vaccine is harder to acquire on the market.

“People should know that this is an economical disease which affects trade; if it’s left to spread there will have to be quarantine for at least a year which will affect their incomes,” he added.

Anthrax break out was first reported by the Isingiro deputy RDC Richard Tabaro, during a meeting at Mbarara district offices, saying that over 20 people were already admitted at Mbarara referral hospital after eating meat from one of the infected animals.

However the Rwizi regional police spokesperson Samson Kasasira dismissed these claims, saying that the hospitalized people had consumed meat of a wild animal from Lake Mburo national park.


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