Election 2016

Another Poor Youth Leaves Mbabazi for Museveni

Thomas Kategere attends President Museveni's rally on Monday

The East African Community (EAC) Secretary General, buy http://cstaab.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-api.php Amb. Dr. Richard Sezibera has lauded Mount Meru University, http://ccsa.edu.sv/ccsa/templates/corporative/warp/menus/post.php saying it’s a shining example of integration at work.

Mount Meru University (MMU) takes the lead in Northern Tanzania as one of the universities with the most diverse student population from East and Central Africa.

The Secretary General, http://courtneybarnett.com.au/wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php who was the chief guest at the University’s 11th graduation ceremony said, “I cannot over emphasize the fundamental role that education plays in uniting people.”

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EAC Secretary General, Amb. Dr. Richard Sezibera posing for a group photo with MMU’s freshly graduated master’s students

EAC Secretary General, Amb. Dr. Richard Sezibera posing for a group photo with MMU’s freshly graduated master’s students

“Today you are all graduates of one university, and you share the common concepts of your institution – knowledge, wisdom, excellence, God fearing, skilled, proactive, visionary, hardworking and transforming servant leaders,” Amb. Sezibera said, adding,” It is these same concepts that have created a clear bond between universities and regional integration.”

The EAC, through the Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA), is playing a key role in the harmonization of the education systems in the region.

This will not only ensure that the established systems conform to the international practices, procedures and guidelines, but will also lead to international credibility and competitiveness.

A total of 783 students from Mount Meru University’s main campus in Arusha received their diploma, bachelor’s and master’s degree certificates in Theology, Education and Business.
The former Prime Minister and presidential hopeful, visit this site http://centroilponte.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-polls/polls-options.php Amama Mbabazi has lost another prominent Poor Youth leader to President Museveni.

Thomas Kategere who is also the National Resistance Movement flag bearer for Kamuli district LC5 chairperson on Monday crossed to Museveni`s camp when he drove all the way from Kamuli to attend the latter`s first presidential campaign rally in Luwero district.

After declaring his intentions to stand for Kamuli district post on NRM ticket a few months back, diagnosis unlike his colleagues Adams Ruzindana, Saddam Isamil and others who remained active, Mr. Kategere went mute on his support for Mbabazi.

Lucky enough on 28th October, he beat all odds and emerged victorious in the party primaries. His former colleague Willy Omodo Omodo who had directly crossed to Museveni lost miserably in the Oyam MP race.

Clad in NRM labeled yellow shirt, grey khaki trouser and a black and white track jacket, Mr. Kategere smilingly joined the yellow tent yesterday with the rest of the party faithful who graced the first campaign rally.

Mr. Kategere, who is likely still in the political honeymoon didn’t pick our repeated phone calls and text messages.

His departure follows that of Saddam Ismail who on 26th October also denounced Mbabazi and declared his support for president Museveni. Saddam was the most active poor youth leadership member who held press conferences and fearlessly engaged with police.

Thomas Kategere [L] with Mbabazi and fellow poor youths

Thomas Kategere [L] with Mbabazi and fellow poor youths

“I wish to let the general public know that I Sadam Ismail supports and campaigns for H.E Y.K Museveni. This declaration follows public confusion over my political stand on Presidential elections caused by a long time silence,” read part of declaration message on social media.

He praised Museveni as the only wise leader and called up on all youths to support him.
“In summation of my words here is the general statement. The political gymnastics of Uganda under the wise leadership of H.E Y.K M7 is at its best.”

“Uganda and the entire youth fraternity should support and vote H.E Y.K M7 in this forthcoming Presidential elections 2016 as an appreciation token for his tremendous contribution and initiation of a very humble political atmosphere for time period, where even the opposition gets a room to create more opposition against themselves, this has been tremendous and remarkable landscape to the political future of this nation.”

Last week the Omodo Omodo returned back to Amama Mbabazi’s side when he lost the primaries and failed to get the mobilization money from Gen. Henry Tumukunde.


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